Cold War Brazil MB-3 Tamoyo

MB-3 Tamoyo 2

Federative Republic of Brazil (1986) Medium Tank – 1 Built With the initiation of the Tamoyo 1 project by Bernardini and the Brazilian Army in 1979, Brazil set off designing a new family of tanks for the country. The Tamoyo 1 was designed to have as many parts in common with the existing M41 Walker […]

Cold War Brazil MB-3 Tamoyo

MB-3 Tamoyo 1

Federative Republic of Brazil (1984-1991) Medium Tank – 4 Built + 1 Mock-up The development of a national tank in Brazil started as early as 1969, with the founding of the Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento de Blindados (CPDB) (English: Centre for the Research and Development of Tanks). The CPDB studied the possibilities of locally […]

Has Own Video Modern North Korean Armor


Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (2009-Present) Main Battle Tank – Unknown Number Built North Korea, or officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), stands as one, if not the most isolated major tank manufacturer in the world. Sometimes thought of as a relic of the Cold War desperately clinging onto existence, the country, sometimes […]

Has Own Video Modern Iranian Armor

Karrar Main Battle Tank

Islamic Republic of Iran (2016-Present) Main Battle Tank – 800 To Be Built The Karrar (English: Striker) is Iran’s latest Main Battle Tank (MBT). It is one of the first produced entirely by Iran and was first unveiled in 2016 and officially entered active service in 2020. It is produced on the basis of the […]

Modern Egyptian Armor

Egyptian ATS-59G 122 mm MLRS

Arab Republic of Egypt (2016 At The Latest-Present) Multiple Rocket Launch System – At Least 24 Converted The Egyptian Ground Forces are one of the largest armies both in the Middle Eastern region and on the African continent. During the first three decades following the end of the Second World War, Egypt was implicated in […]

Cold War Taiwanese Prototypes Has Own Video

Wan Cheng 4/萬乘四

Republic of China (Taiwan) (1975) Main Battle Tank – 1 Prototype Built The Republic of China (中華民國), exiled in Taiwan, was a key US ally in East Asia during the later stages of the Cold War. Following the defeat in mainland China and Hainan during the Chinese Civil War, the Kuomintang and Republic of China […]

Has Own Video Modern German Other Vehicles

BMP-1A1 Ost and BMP-1 in Reunified German Service

Federal Republic of Germany (1991-1994) Infantry Fighting Vehicle – 764 BMP-1 Operated, Around 580 Upgraded Into BMP-1A1 During the Cold War, the two German states, the FDR/Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) in the west and the GDR/German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik/DDR) in the east, stood as two foot soldiers of NATO and the […]

Cold War British MBT Prototypes Has Own Video

Vickers Mk.7/2

United Kingdom (1984-1986) Main Battle Tank – 1 Built Despite the progressive weakening of the Soviet Union in the 1980s, the prospect of a nuclear war in Western Europe was perhaps just as likely in that decade as anytime during the Cold War. The significant quantitative advantages that the Warsaw Pact had in tank terms […]

Cold War French Prototypes Has Own Video Modern French Prototypes

Wieczorek Engin blindé de combat (EBC) and Engin blindé de combat lourds (EBCL)

France (1986-2000) Main Battle Tank – None Built Patents, the government license issued to an inventor or company to commercially protect or exploit an innovation or design, are wide ranging and can be as small as a new way of doing something up to a total rethink of how an existing thing might work. Julien […]

Cold War US MBT Prototypes

40-ton Electric Drive Main Battle Tank (E.D.M.B.T.)

United States of America (1984-1987) MBT – Models Only In 1984, the US military was considering the problems connected with a new range of vehicles, such as the new M1 Abrams main battle tank and M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). As part of the evaluation of trends in future vehicles, a commission looked into […]