Links on Tanks

3D printed 1/72 example scale tanks:
A7V Cromwell mk.IV Königstiger Sturmpanzerwagen Oberschleisen Panzer I ausf C

Join the Tankring; websites dedicated to the tracked steel monsters around the world…

New !  WW2 AFVs, axis and allies, by Georges Forty on issuu military-vehicles
below-the-turret-ring blog
Pinterest board about tank camo
Tank archives
Historic Military Vehicle Forum
Page about war museums and assimilated
Southfront – Army & Analysis Intelligence
World of Armor
The Armor Site
Want to buy a real tank ? XD
Rare photos of interwar French models (ru)
World Defence News Blog
Theatrum-Belli French strategic & defense portal
A lot of Russian ww1 AFVs
The Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association
Tanks & AVFs news
Defence technical Information center (tons of declassified reports !)
Argentinian tanks museum
w54 forum: Amm terrain high mobility vehicles Russian military analysts Tanks Encyclopedia
Camp Pendleton Mechanized Museum
A project about reconstructing the Polish TK3-TKs tankettes.
About SADF weapons & armoured vehicles.
About JGSDF tanks
Landships II: A comprehensive website about ww1 armor
The famous Finnish Parola Tank Museum
A gold mine of informations on armoured cars from all countries (pdf documentation), by David haugh
One of the most exhaustive world database of armoured cars
Lots of photos of swedish tanks on Axvall armor museum
About KNIL vehicles during ww2
About Marmon-Herrington tanks.
An impressive tanks database, in Russian.
Anzac steel
A Canadian website about tanks liveries and markings
About KNIL armoured cars during ww2
The American Fighting Vehices database. To bookmark !
A chronological list of ww2 Japanese tank actions
A comprehensive war movies database, some about tanks.
Bucharest tanks museum, many detailled photos.
An inside view of the Försvarsfordonsmuseet Arsenalen amazing collection of swedish armor…
A complete overview of Canadian armor to this day…
The technical bible for everything related to ww2 French armor.
Stunning screen-saver size tanks artworks and boxart
Polish armour 1918-1939
Good illustrations and depiction of nearly all ww2 soviet tanks and military vehicles
Rare photos of the Argentinian Nahuel medium tank (and others)
Exhaustive pdf about captured French armoured vehicles in German service during ww2…
A well documented section on Roumanian tanks during world war two…
Tanks color profiles of ww2
Pdf Docs from the shadock: A comprehensive database of surviving tanks.

3D Corner

shapeways 1/72 tanks tanks models
Yeggi tank request tanks
degit22 tanks models collection on sketchfab

Game Corner

Armoured Warfare
World of Tanks
Steel Armour
Steel Beasts

Modeller’s Corner
Ace models
Ace Corp. Korea
Admiral (AZ model)
AFV Club Taiwan (HobbyFan)
Alanger Models
Alan Model Hobby
Amusing Hobby models
Aoshima models
Ark Models
Armory Model Kits
AMG models – Arsenal Model Group
Asuka Model &
Atlantis Models
Aurora Plastic Corp.
AvantGarde Model kits (only through distributors)
Avis models


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5 replies on “Links on Tanks”

Ok then.
Do you know of good books on German Panzer of WWII with COLOR pictures ?
And for a book with color plates, can you recommend the Chris Bishop’s Essential Vehicle Identification Guides (or the ‘German Panzers of World War II’ book ?) ? Or do you know better sources ?
Thanks !


I am a Polish filmmaker. Me and my friend record videos from historical reconstructions and we would like to talk with you. Please, write to me on [email protected].

Best regards,
Natalia Langner

Hi. This website is awesome and my son who is very much interested on tanks like it. You mentioned that you also print and sell posters. How much will it cost including postage of the WW2 Soviet Armour and the Panzers Posters please. Thank you so much.

Hi Rose, a dedicated company was just created for this purpose.
I’m contacting you back asap for the details.

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