Modern Tanks

modern tanks

Tanks are still there. Since the sixties, there was a worldwide consensus about the main battle tank design (MBT), in terms of speed vs armor vs weaponry. The “magic triangle” is now filled by many models, in many armies. Those whose economic conditions allow access to second-grade foreign export models are now building derivatives under licence or even their own MBT (although always with a basis in foreign components). Despite changes in modern warfare, there are no plans to get rid of tanks yet. Better still, many developed countries no “part of the club” are now launching brand new models (like the Turkish Altay), and old nations are drawing plans for a new generation MBT (like the German plan for a hypothetic Leopard III)



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Modern Illustrations without a nation page

M95 Degman
M95 Degman (1995)

Ramses II MBT

Ariete C1

Type 88 K1
K1 Main Battle Tank (1987)

World's MBTs
Free World’s Main Battle Tanks. You can also get a larger version on redbubble

Type 89 TD
Illustration of the Type 89 Tank destroyer by David Bocquelet
Panhard PVP
PVP (2002) For “Petit Vehicule Protégé” litt. small protected vehicle. Built by the successor of Panhard Auverland, to 1180 vehicles so far.
Leclerc EPG (EPG, Engin Principal du Génie) or ARV, 2002. This modular vehicle can receive also a minesweeping or rocket-assisted mine-cleraing DEMETER kit.
Arjun Mark I
366 Arjun are in service today, as Indian native, elite MBT (248 Mark 1, 118 Mark 2).
BMP-2 Sarath
2691 BMP-2 “Sarath” are in service today, as the new local Abhay IFV is still in development. About 12 antitank Namica variants were also delivered as well as 220 Carrier Mortar Tracked (CMT), 162 armoured ambulances developed by VRDE (DRDO) and 16 CRBN (Chemical recce vehicles) and closely related PRP-3 radar version of the venerable BMP-1 (numbers unknown).


Pakistani M48 Sialkot 1965
Pakistani M47M


KTO Rosomak
KTO Rosomak (2013)A locally-produced Patria AMV, 997 to be delivered until 2019. Declined into an IFV and APC version. Above, the Rosomak M1M with anti-RPG nets deployed in Afghanistan. Versions comprises the basic vehicle, the M1, M1M, M2, M3, S, NJ, and WSRiD


Mohafiz III, fitted with a remote-controlled cal.50. A shorter version also has been spotted.


Lince MBT
The Spanish “Lince”
Spanish M60A3 TTS
M60 In the early 1990s, Spain received from the US a complement of 244 M60TTS to supplement its ageing fleet of M48/M47 and AMX-30EMs, out of a total of 300 M60s of all variants.


Spanish M-48A5E2 Patton modernized version of the M48 Patton.
Altay BMT demonstrator, as of 2017. Several gulf countries declared thy are interested by this new MBT
BTR-94 of the Iraqi new Army Mechanized Police Brigade, 2004-2014.
The FV 4030/4 Challenger-1 for comparison.
Ilustration of a Turkish Sabra in operations
Illustration of a Turkish Sabra in operations in Syria


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I searched for info and pix of the IDF Merkava. You have 22 hits, but I can’t find them. On your section on Modern tanks they aren’t mentioned. I thought they were were supposed to be pretty good, especially the Mark IV. Why are you ignoring them?

Should probably include the other 2 categories of ammunition in the “Weaponry” section for the occasional non-tank enthusiast

Can you guys get one thing straight? Is the Al-Khalid based off of an Russian Tank or a Chinese one?

On the World MBT picture the Type 10 Hitomaru has a Imperial? flag next to it? Am I missing something, if so I would like to learn, or is it a misprint that was never fixed?

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