Republic of Colombia (Modern)


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The post-Cold War period has been an extremely violent one in Colombia. Since 1964, the country has been engulfed by a low-intensity asymmetric war between the government, far-right paramilitary groups and crime syndicates, and far-left guerrilla groups, most noticeably FARC. The death of drug lord Pablo Esobar in a shootout in 1993 intensified the fighting between drug gangs, resulting in thousands of civilian deaths and kidnappings.

The USA has supported Colombia in modernizing its armed forces through Plan Colombia. Colombia has the second largest military in South America after Brazil. Its armored vehicles include US Humvees, M113A2s, and M117s, Brazilian EE-9 Cascavels and E-11 Urutus, and Canadian LAV IIIs. Colombia has even produced its own wheeled armored security vehicles in recent years.

Since 2012, there has been an ongoing peace process with FARC and other guerrilla forces to put an end to the decades of violence.

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