Viking & Mythic Norse Iconology on Norwegian Tanks

Norway's military has not forgotten its cultural tradition and heritage; many of their tanks are adorned with Viking iconography.

Centurion Mantletless Turret

Largely thanks to popular video games, a comedy of errors has surrounded the history of the officially named ‘Centurion Mantletless Turret’.

FV4005 – Heavy Anti-Tank, SP, No. 1 “Centaur”

The FV4005 was a project to get the 183 mm L4 gun into action quickly on an existing hull, in this case the Centurion.

FV3902 Churchill Flail ‘Toad’

The Toad featured one of the most powerful mine flails ever created. In 1954, It was one of the last Churchill variants to enter service.

Conqueror Gun Carriage (GC) (Fake Tank)

United Kingdom (1950s) SPG – Fake The British FV214 Conqueror Heavy Gun Tank was developed in the early 1950s in answer to the increasingly hostile Soviet Union, and its newly developed heavily armored tanks, such as the IS-3. The 120 mm gun-armed Conqueror was the first and last Heavy Gun Tank produced and operated by …

Stridsvogn M24 (M24 Chaffee in Norwegian Service)

Kingdom of Norway (1946-1990s) Light Tank – 141 Operated The Second World War was rough for Norway. Falling to German invasion in April 1940, the country suffered 5 long years of occupation which only ended with the surrender of Nazi Germany in May 1945. Following this, Norway had to rebuild its military from the ground …

Landsverk 120 (L-120) in Norwegian Service ‘Rikstanken’

The Landsverk 120 (L-120) ‘Rikstanken’ was a light tank developed by Sweden and sold to the Norwegian Army. Just one was operated.

FV215b (Fake Tank)

The FV215b is a fake heavy tank invented by for their World of Tanks video game, based off of the real FV214 and FV215.

Tank, Heavy No. 2, 183 mm Gun, FV215

The FV215 was a heavy gun tank designed in the 1950s which would be armed with a powerful 183mm gun. None were built.

Hatay Heavy Tank (Fictional Tank)

The 'Hatay Heavy Tank' is a fictional vehicle made for the 1989 film 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'. It was based on a WW1 Mark VIII tank.