K-1 Krushchev (Fake Tank)

The K-1 Krushchev is a fake Soviet tank that was presented in the June 1956 edition of the American magazine True, The Man's Magazine.

Type 1 Technical (Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series)

Technicals are some of the most commonly seen vehicles in irregular warfare, and those based on the Land Cruiser 70 Series are the most prolific of all.

Projekt NM

German blueprint HSK 3485, dated June 1943, named Project NM, shows three Tiger tanks joined together by steel girders and carrying a barn.

VK30.01(D) and VK30.02(M) – Panther Prototypes

The VK30 was a project to develop a new medium tank in response to heavier Soviet vehicles. It culminated in the famous Panther.

Crawler-Crusher, or “The Monster”

The Crawler-Crusher was the heaviest tracked amphibious vehicle ever built. It was used to clear the Cross Florida Barge Canal in the late 1960s.

CV-990 Tire Assault Vehicle (TAV)

The TAV or 'Tire Assault Vehicle' was a remote controlled vehicle based on a Tiger II model used to test Space Shuttle tires.

120mm Gun Tank T110

The T110 series of heavy tank concepts were an attempt to improve on the M103 heavy tank. None of them progressed past the concept stage.

German Tank-based Railway Guns

Nazi German projects to mount super heavy siege guns on one or more tank chassis in failed attempts to make them more mobile.

Waffenträger Panthers – Heuschrecke, Grille, Skorpion

History of Panther-based weapon carriers and self-propelled artillery. Encompassing Heuschrecke, Grille, Skorpion, and more.

Gefechtsaufklärer Leopard (VK16.02)

The Gefechtsaufklärer Leopard was meant to be a light and fast scout tank, however the project was abandoned.