Camiones Protegidos Modelo 1921

The Camiones Protegidos Modelo 1921 or M-21 for short served with distinction in the Rif War and would be Spain’s only armored cars for over a decade. 

Renault FT in the Service of the Kingdom of Spain

Spain first purchased Renault FTs in 1919 and would buy more to use during the Rif War after the Disaster at Annual

Blindado Romeo

In 1921, Spanish journalist and politician Leopoldo Romeo designed a vehicle baring his name to solve Spain's woes in North Africa

Blindado tipo ZIS (UNL-35)

Second Spanish Republic (1936) Armored Car – ~160 Built Rightly or wrongly, the armored cars produced by both sides during the Spanish Civil War – the ‘tiznaos’ – have often been mocked and ridiculed. This may stem from their rudimentary and improvised appearance, which is a reflection of what they were. As the war progressed …

Vehículo de Combate Lanza Cohetes (VCLC)

From as early as Medieval China, rocket artillery has been a recurring feature on the battlefield. Throughout WWII, rocket artillery was used with devastating effect, both in regards to the damage it did and its psychological effect. This conflict also saw rocket artillery mounted on mobile platforms, including armored ones, such as the M4 Sherman ‘Calliope’ or ‘Tulip’. It was during the Cold War that these armored vehicles, or Self Propelled (SP) Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs), would see their ‘golden age’. Not wanting to miss out, Argentina developed its own system based on the Tanque Argentino Mediano (TAM), which would become the Vehículo de Combate Lanza Cohetes (VCLC).

Vehículo de Combate Recuperador Tanques (VCRT)

One of the least successful conversions of the TAM family was the armored recovery vehicle: the Vehículo de Combate Recuperador Tanques VCRT

Prototipo Trubia

Spain has depended on foreign military technology but there have always been enthusiastic persons who wanted to create indigenous designs.

Vehículo de Combate Puesto de Comando (VCPC)

A command vehicle to coordinate the units of the Ejército Argentino was needed: the Vehículo de Combate Puesto de Comando (VCPC)

Vehículo de Combate Amunicionador (VCAmun)

One of the biggest problems with Self Propelled Guns (SPGs) is that they can only carry a limited amount of their precious and delicate ammunition, so other vehicles have to be tasked with supplying it to the SPGs. Argentina did exactly that at the beginning of the current millennium, when they converted the Tanque Argentino Mediano (TAM) chassis into the Vehículo de Combate Amunicionador (VCAmun) to supply the Vehículo de Combate de Artillería (VCA).

Vehículo de Combate de Transporte de Personal (VCTP)

Whilst the TAM has become the most celebrated armored vehicle of the Argentine Armed Forces, the VCTP has not achieved such fame.