FV200 Turbine Test Vehicle

The FV200-based Turbine Test Vehicle was the first British armored vehicle to be propelled by a turbine engine.

Churchill ARV Mk.I & Mk.II

The Churchill Armoured Recovery Vehicles (ARVs) were some of the first-purpose built recovery vehicles built for use by the British REME.

Caernarvon ‘Action X’ (Fake Tank)

The Caernarvon Action X is a fake tank designed by Wargaming.net for their World of Tanks video game. No such vehicle ever existed.

Tank, Heavy No. 1, 120 mm Gun, FV214 Conqueror

United Kingdom (1953) Heavy Gun Tank – Approximately 180 Built On September 7th, 1945, military heads of the Western Powers were horrified by what they saw rumbling towards them along the Charlottenburger Chaussee in central Berlin during the 1945 Victory Parade celebrating the end of the Second World War. During that parade, the increasingly threatening …

Landwehr Zug

The Landwehr Zug was one of Ferdinand Porsche's earliest inventions. It used a petrol-electric hybrid engine and was used to transport military supplies.

Stridsvogn & Stormkanon KW-III (Panzer III & StuG III in Norwegian Service)

Stridsvogn & Stormkanon KW-III were designations for the Panzer III & StuG III when they were in operation with the Norwegian Army.

NM-130 Bergepanser

The NM-130 was developed along side the NM-116, both of which were based on the M24 Chaffee. The NM-130 was the ARV version.

NM-116 Panserjager

The NM-116, known as the 'Panserjager', was an attempt by the Norwegian Military to upgrade the M24 and make it effective in the Cold War.

AMX-13 Avec Tourelle FL-11

The AMX-13 Avec Tourelle FL-11 was an improvised variant of the AMX-13 that involved equipping the existing hull with the FL-11 turret.

AMX-US (AMX-13 Avec Tourelle Chaffee)

The AMX-US, or AMX-13 Avec Tourelle Chaffee, was an improvisation that led to the mating of the AMX-13 hull with the turret of the M24.