FV4003 Centurion AVRE

The FV4003 Centurion AVRE appeared in the early 1960s and was one of the longest-serving Centurion variants, being operated from 1962 to 1992.

M113 APC in Irish Service (Congo Crisis, 1960-1965)

During the Congo Crisis of 1960-65, the Irish United Nations contingent made use of a small number of M113 APCs.

FV433 Abbot SPG

The FV433 Abbot was self-propelled gun developed by the British during the early years of the Cold War. It was armed with a 105 mm gun.

FV219 & FV222 – Conqueror ARV Mk.1 & 2

The FV219 & FV222 were Armoured Recovery Vehicles (ARVs) based on the Conqueror Heavy Tank. Only a small number were built.

Loyd Carrier

United Kingdom (1939) Tankette – 26,000 Built Carriers were a series of utility vehicles produced during the Second World War. They fulfilled a number of roles including troop transportation, reconnaissance, and towing guns. Though perhaps thought mundane compared to other armored vehicles, Carriers were the backbone of the British Army in the war. They even …

Medium Tank M45 (T26E2)

The M45 (T26E2) was an infantry support variant of the M26 Pershing. It was a rare vehicle, with only 185 built.

USMC Improvised M4A2 Flail Tank

In 1944-45, the USMC built an improvised flail tank on a salvaged M4A2 chassis. It was a successful improvisation, and was even deployed on Iwo Jima.

7.2in Multiple Rocket Launcher M17 ‘Whiz Bang’

Though it did not have much of a chance to prove itself in action, the Rocket Launcher T34, famously known as the ‘Calliope’ after the steam organ, was a relatively successful weapon. Mounted above the turret of the Medium Tank M4, the launcher was a great area-of-effect weapon. Despite this, work continued on upgrading the …

Morris-Commercial C9/B Self-Propelled 40mm Bofors

The C9/B Self-Propelled 40mm Bofors was built by by the Morris-Commercial company on the hull of their famous C8 Tractor (FAT) also known as Quad.

Minenräumer Minebreaker 2000/2

The Minenräumer Minebreaker 2000/2 was a mine-clearing vehicle based on the heavily modified chassis of an old Leopard 1 tank.