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What are Challenge Coins and How You Can Make Your Own!

Challenge coins are an old tradition that has made new roots in modern culture, becoming a recognition of merit and proof of belonging.

(P) Handwritten Letters on the Battlefield Across the Ages

Before the late modern era, described historically as starting from around 1750, literacy rates were very low, in the area of single digits as a percentage of the total population. A rather optimistic projection from Our World in Data places the literacy rate at 12.5% worldwide in 1820, although it is important to remember that …

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From Soldier to Student: A Guide to Higher Education for Veterans

Transitioning into civilian life can require veterans to make serious choices. These tips can help you achieve your educational goals.

(P) Military History and Influencers

The Military History field has seen an enormous boom in popularity in the last 20 years, especially helped by the rise of the internet and blogs and Youtube


The Durchbruchswagen was a heavy tank developed by Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Largely forgotten, it played a large role in the history of the Tiger.