$150 illustration competition ending soon!

Come one, come all, there’s a new Tank Encyclopedia competition going on!

This time, we are offering $150 for the best illustrations for an upcoming Tank Encyclopedia article!

If you want to participate, take a look at the following list of vehicles that we would like illustrated for future articles. If any of them catches your fancy, ask us for more references and make a side-profile illustration (or 3D model render) in a realistic style and you can win $150 (first prize), $50 (second prize) or our usual illustration fee ($20-$40)!

If you feel you do not have the skills to participate, do help us by sharing this message with your tank-loving or artist friends!

List of vehicles

The illustrations will be judged in 3 categories:
– Accuracy (15 pts). This will be judged by the author and our Critique Squad to determine the accuracy of the illustration with regards to available historical information and images. Ideally, everyone should get full marks for this!
– Graphical Quality (10 pts). This will be judged by our Critique Squad and will be based on how skillfully the illustration was made.
– Popularity (5 pts). After all the illustrations are submitted, a 7-day poll will be held to determine which illustration is the most popular.

The illustration with the most points gets the $150 (or $50) cash prize and gets to be featured on Tank Encyclopedia! Please do note we will only receive publication rights, with all copyright remaining with the illustrator.

If you did not win but your illustration is of good enough quality, we would still want to have it featured on our website! For this, we are willing to pay our standard illustration fee ($20-$40, depending on the number of profiles).

Good luck to all of you!

– The final submission must be made by 15th of February 2022
– The submission must include at least 1 realistic side-profile illustration or render (preferably left-facing)
– The submission must be entirely the work of the submitter. Modifying other people’s illustrations is not allowed for this competition.
– Contact with the article author is highly recommended (all of them are on Discord,
– For any further questions, contact @TE Standlucian on Discord

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Does it have to be purely digital? I don’t have ready access to a digital art website and/or app.

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