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(P) Great podcasts about World War II tanks

History isn’t something that had been a long time ago and is forgotten now. This is a meaningful subject that opens to us the reasons and consequences of historical events. At the same time, it teaches us why something happens and how to handle it. “If history is important… We need to understand what happened on the ground and what it meant then”, – Helmholz said and was right.

People can experience things by diving into historical events and surrounding themselves with relevant objects. Let’s talk about World War II military equipment and tanks in particular.

Your favorite topics here and now

Military hardware is one of the biggest areas of interest for scientists and all history devotees. The list of military equipment used during World War II is very huge. It includes ships, weapons, aircraft, vehicles, and so on. You can freely access significant information about numerous tanks, ships, planes, and other military hardware using online sources.

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3 exciting podcasts WWII equipment

The military equipment of World War II matches its scales. During 1939-1945 this list includes hardware categories divided by country (for instance, British, German, French, and so on) and by the type (aircraft, ships, vehicles, weapons, and other equipment. Today let’s focus on the most important vehicles – tanks.

Tanks aim to change the current situation of the battle, lead to the partial or full defeat of rivals, and become a modular fire weapon. Besides, these vehicles have another important role. Tanks were considered a symbol of victory too for many countries and the people. That’s why individuals experience the excitement by reading more about these vehicles.

The following podcasts are very exciting for all tank fans. You’ll reveal plenty of new facts and useful information for your self-education of the exact purposes. So keep going and listen to these exciting podcasts.

1. How to kill a Panther tank

The Panther tank was used by Germans during 1943-1945. This is a medium tank with smaller weapons than Tiger but it was spreadly used on the Western and Eastern Fronts. Though it was designed as a response to the appearance of the Soviet T-34, this tank made a very limited influence on the future production of tanks. But you can’t stand missing it with English subtitles.

The podcast “How to kill a Panther tank” describes how Britains developed both advantages and disadvantages of the Panther to reveal its weaknesses. But what was more important for them is to find out the best methods to knock it out. As a result, Craig Moore has collected all important facts and details in numerous facilities that were detected by the British and helped cobelligerents to win.

2. Keeping the German Tiger 712 Tank alive

The Tiger is another well-known German tank. It was first developed as Tiger I and belongs to the category “heavy tanks”. This vehicle includes a fighting mass of 57 tonnes and impresses people. This tank was developed before World War II and kept improving till 1941. In general, the producer Henschel Wegmann has made over 1400 items. Then, the production stopped and the Tiger II started releasing.

The podcast “Keeping the German Tiger 712 Tank alive” is about Tiger 712. In the following podcast experts discuss the particularities of this vehicle and its role during World War II. Also, you may be interested in discussing why and how to keep some of the items in the world heritage. Pay attention, that at the moment people gather funds to help preserve this tank for future generations. So this podcast is important not only for the past but also for the future.

3. The inspiring story of one of WWII’s greatest tank gunners

The podcast “The inspiring story of one of WWII’s greatest tank gunners” is truly inspiring. It shares the story of Clarence Smoyer who is known as one of the greatest and bravest tank gunners. He was an average boy born in Pennsylvania who had put himself on a record of WW2.

Speakers reveal their impressions from Clarence’s story, his meeting with an enemy tanker, and explain the latest events in his life. You’ll also find out more about the epic Battle of Cologne, Clarence’s feelings after 75 years later, and important takeaways from this story. It is an amazing story full of inspiration and courage so you can’t miss it.

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(P) Perfect Gift Ideas for Tank and Military Fashion Lovers

Seeking presents without a clue of what a person is interested in is always a struggle. Fortunately, we have this already figured out. A piece of military apparel or accessory is a perfect choice for everyone who is an army fan.

While you are on the hunt for the perfect gift, you can get easily overwhelmed by the number of options that lie before you. Here is where we come in to ensure that choosing presents is as exciting as receiving them. All you need to do is get the right size – we covered the rest.

In this article, you will find several fantastic gift ideas for military fashion lovers. Many products can positively surprise an army lover, from the best Navy jackets to Air Force embroidered polos and high-quality Army backpacks. Read on to pick a perfect present for yours.

A Veteran Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are an excellent gift for every military enthusiast. Not only do they look fashionable, but they also have an exciting background and history.

If you are looking for a versatile and good-looking piece of clothing, you cannot go wrong with a veteran bomber jacket. Its best feature is that anyone can wear it. It has no limitations regarding gender, age, and style.

An Army Hat

Hats are a part of our apparel that often goes unnoticed. Today, we break this trend and proudly state that hats are, in fact, one of the essential fashion choices we make.

With the global climate warming up, owning protective headwear is critical. If you have survived your fair share of heatwaves, you perfectly know what we mean. Wearing a hat in harsh weather conditions can even be a matter of life and death.

When you are looking for military apparel that your special someone will love, give an Army hat a shot. It will allow them to protect themselves from the heat in style.

A Durable Watch

Every soldier knows that keeping track of time is one of the most critical things in the military. However, in the field, there are many opportunities for a watch to get damaged. As such, you should think about buying your military enthusiast a durable product.

While watches are regarded by many as remnants of the past, they are valuable accessories for the military people. Perhaps a durable watch is a practical item that your loved one was missing all along.

Combat Boots

Lately, collecting sneakers has become a huge trend. Many people on the Internet show off their shoe collections and talk about innovative shoe designs. Wearing a pair of combat boots will give your military fan a chance to make a fashion statement on their own and join the conversation.

Another benefit of combat boots is their durability, as many years can pass before they will be worn through the soles. If you are looking for a gift that will serve your loved one for quite some time, this is the best choice.

Stylish Sunglasses

There is nothing else that amateur and professional pilots love more than aviators with green or gray lenses. Their unique design is an unparalleled combination of excellent looks and practicality. Nevertheless, they are only one of the many types of sunglasses you can choose as a gift.

All sunglasses provide coverage for eyes, which makes them a great practical gift. Additionally, their versatility makes them a fantastic addition to almost any attire. If you think that your close one could use some additional eye protection, feel free to buy them a pair of new shades.

Military-Themed Socks

It is always good to end a list with a classic. Socks are a well-known solution to all the gifting problems. They can be funny, stylish, and practical at the same time.

There are many military designs you can choose from. Tanks, guns, planes, and many more can decorate the feet of your happy army fashion lover. If they are a service member, you might even consider getting them tactical socks to protect their feet from blisters.

The Bottom Line

Finding the perfect gift for an army enthusiast is never a straightforward task. Nonetheless, after reading this article, you should have a few exciting ideas running in your mind.

One of the best choices you can make is buying a pair of military sunglasses. It is a safe option that is almost guaranteed to put a smile on a recipient’s face. It will also give their eyes some additional protection and complement their stylish look.

Other great gifts you can pick are an Army hat and combat boots. Buying those will give you a chance to equip your military fashion lover with practical pieces of apparel that showcase their passion.

If you focus on finding a military product that will speak to a recipient’s soul, you should have no problems making them the happiest person on earth. Good luck!


From Soldier to Student: A Guide to Higher Education for Veterans

This guest post has been offered free of charge by the Tank Encyclopedia team for

Transitioning into civilian life can require veterans to make some serious choices. One of the most common decisions that vets face while preparing for this transition is whether to go back to school. Whether it’s to earn a basic degree or a more advanced certification, if you are facing a similar choice, having these tips can help you navigate the process and achieve your educational goals.

Choosing Your Degree

If you’re like most veterans, you’re likely going back to school in order to boost your post-service career prospects. Earning a degree can not only put you in the running for more jobs but could also potentially earn you a bigger paycheck. Here are some options to consider:

Computer Science

Take a look at the top career fields across the country and you will see that tech jobs dominate the list. Whether you want to be an internet security specialist or web developer, having a degree in computer science can give you an edge over the competition. Best of all, you can complete your educational goals online by earning your computer science degree from WGU.


Want to work in sales or finance? Then you may want to think about going back to school to earn a business degree. Depending on what sort of courses you complete, you could put yourself in the running for some pretty lucrative positions. Having all of that business savvy can also come in handy if you are dreaming of opening your own business at some point. So, you could even consider taking things one step further and getting an MBA.

Health Sciences

If you signed up for active duty because you wanted to help other people, a career in healthcare could be your perfect fit after that service has ended. Aside from always being in demand, healthcare workers also tend to enjoy competitive salaries and flexible work schedules. There are also careers to fit just about any set of work and education experience imaginable. In fact, you don’t need an advanced degree to earn an impressive paycheck in healthcare.

Covering Your Expenses

Now let’s get down to brass tacks and talk about how to pay for the degrees and training mentioned above. If you’re a veteran, you’re actually in luck because there are several financial programs that can make going back to school more affordable, including:

Veterans Benefits

If you want to earn your degree without paying a single cent, you should start by signing up for the benefits you are owed for your military service. For example, qualifying veterans could have up to 100 percent of their tuition and fees covered but they may also be eligible to receive allowances for housing, books, and other educational expenses.


Need more help with your educational expenses? Or, perhaps you want to help your spouse go to college as well? Then you can also consider applying for one of several scholarship programs aimed at supporting veterans and dependent family members in their educational pursuits. These scholarships are offered by a variety of corporations, non-profit organizations, and professional associations, but the amount of each award can vary. Read through all of the application materials to see award amounts and specific requirements.

Grants and Loans

Before you sign up for your first class, you may also want to fill out a FAFSA form online. The Free Application for Student Aid will give you access to federal grant and loan programs that can also help to offset educational expenses. Even if you qualify for the GI Bill and other scholarships, completing a FAFSA may be worthwhile since you can use federal funds in conjunction with existing educational benefits.

With so many degree choices and financial options, there’s no reason why going back to school can’t fit into your own military transition. There may be challenges along the way, but you’re used to overcoming some pretty tough situations as an active duty military member. Take those lessons and skills and combine them with these tips to forge your own path forward.

When you want to learn more about tanks in-between classes, be sure to check out specs, resources, and information on the Tank Encyclopedia.

Photo Credit: Benjamin [email protected]


(P) Military History and Influencers

The Military History field has seen an enormous boom in popularity in the last 20 years, especially helped by the rise of the internet and two of its applications: blogs and Youtube.

However, one of the best aspects of this growth is not so much the growth of quantity, but the growth in quality! While there are more low-quality poor information website and Youtube channels available than ever, there are also a lot of very high quality highly reputable ones coming up as well. And if their existence is not enough, they also do tend to be quite popular! Youtube channels such as The Chieftain, Kings and Generals, Forgotten Weapons and Military History Visualized, and hundreds of quality history blogs garner hundreds of thousands of views while being historically accurate and doing in-depth analysis of a lot of aspects of history and technology that have just been ignored up to now.

The rise of Youtube and the appearance of a number of highly-popular historically-based games have also given rise to a large number of gamer Youtube channels focusing on this niche of the market.

Marketing agencies call such channels, websites and persons ‘influencers’, due to their large popularity and ability to influence their respective audiences, making them attractive targets for focused marketing campaigns.

Such channels and websites used to be supported by ad revenue from Google and Youtube Ads. However, not only has revenue from such sources shrunk significantly in the last years but Google, Youtube, and Facebook have turned more and more against history channels, demonetizing them or limiting their organic growth.

This has left open only two options for such creators, crowdfunding (which has picked up tremendously in the last years and have allowed the average person to become a patron of history) and influencer marketing. The latter basically consists of a partnership between the creator and a brand for advertising. The Chieftain and Wargaming, various tank Youtubers and War Thunder, everybody else and Raid: Shadow Legends are just a couple of examples of such collaborations.

Of course, ideally, every creator would like to work with brands that are close to his topic, but that is not always possible, as unfortunately, except for the large video games, the military history sector is economically rather weak. Casinos, academic writing websites, and many others will try to tempt creators into publishing unmarked guest posts, but that is often hurtful both to the creator and to the readers.

Fortunately, websites such as Intellifluence exist, which allow brands to make contact with influencers and prepare campaigns in a manner that benefits both of them. For example, our research work involves a lot of working with military history books, and we would love to do guest posts for book publishers and authors! Intellifluence even has an easy tutorial for such brands to set-up marketing campaigns for their books!

This guest post has been sponsored by Intellifluence.