Despite its small size, Luxembourg has always shown its willingness to participate in international peacekeeping missions, as a founding member of the United Nations [UN], the European Union [EU], and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO]


The Tata MBPV is a unique mini armored vehicle, developed in India as a counter-terrorist vehicle in 2012. It was not adopted.

GM Otter Light Reconnaissance Car in Dutch Service

The Canadian GM Otter of WW2 vintage was used by Dutch forces from 1945 up until 1972. It was mainly used by the military police.

Carat Black Scorpion (Centigon Citadel/Puma)

The Black Scorpion is a light Toyota-based APC that was developed in 2008 and sold to various countries by Carat and Centigon.

Škoda MU-2

The MU-2 was Škoda's first attempt to produce a tankette for the Czechoslovak Army, but its disappointing characteristics led to rejection.

Hotchkiss 1908 Automitrailleuse

The Hotchkiss 1908 was a partially armored car, developed in France. Five copies were sold to the Ottoman Empire and delivered in 1908.

Lancia 1ZM in Czechoslovak Service

Two Lancia 1ZMs were the first armored cars of the new Czechoslovak State. Received from Italy in 1918, they remained in use until 1935.

Stark Motors Storm

The Stark Motors Storm was a light APC unveiled in 2017. It is built in Qatar and exported to several Asian and African countries.

Carden-Loyd Mk.VI in Belgian Service (Mk.VI with 47 mm)

Belgium bought six Carden-Loyd Mk.VI carriers in 1930 and converted them into tank destroyers in 1933. They saw service until 1940.


The Kolohousenka was developed in Czechoslovakia as an artillery tractor and tank, based upon the design by German engineer Joseph Vollmer.