Chimera Heavy Tank (1950)

An early 50s British 55-tons heavy tank design armed with a 127mm gun, created to counter the Soviet IS-3 heavy tank.

Spartan 105 mm SPG

SPARTAN was a design study meant to investigate what features an SPG for a potential nuclear war should have had


Cerebos was a project designed by the 7th TTO Mechanical and Gunnery AFV design exercise held at the British RAC STT in 1956.

RO2004 Light Tank

The RO2004 was the planned light tank variant of the RO2000 universal platform, armed with a 105mm gun. The vehicle was only ever partly built.

RO2001 Self-Propelled Gun

The RO2001 was a Self-Propelled Gun built on the RO2000 universal hull. Despite interest from Egypt, only 1 vehicle was built.

RO2000 Platform

The RO2000 was a universal platform designed in the mid-1980s. It was designed to fill a number of roles, but ultimatly never entered service.

A46 Light Tank

The A46 was a Light Tank design developed by Vickers after the Second World War in 1946. No vehicles were built, however, and it remained a paper project.

FV4010 & Malkara

The story of FV4010 and its missiles begins in the strange post-war phase, following the collapse of the Third Reich and the Rise of the Soviet Union as the perceived global antagonist.

Chimera (1984)

Chimera was a British School of Tank Technology study design to develop a casemated Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) that could make constructive use of the remaining, dated FV4202 Chieftain Tanks then still in service


Having captured a substantial quantity of Panzer IIIs and StuG IIIs, the Soviets converted them into 76mm armed SPGs, as the SU-76i