KV-4 (Object 224) Shashmurin

The KV-4 Shashmurin was a design proposal by Shashmurin to the design competition between at the SKB-2 design bureau for tank index Object 224 and general name KV-4. Shashmurin proposal came in 5th.

4K51 Rubezh in Romanian Service

In 1987, the Socialist Republic of Romania purchased 4 4K51 Rubezh coastal defence missile launchers, to protect the Black Sea coast.

KV-4 (Object 224) Dukhov

The KV-4 (Object 224) Dukhov was the winner of a heavy tank competition between LKZ engineers meant to face an alleged 90 tonnes German heavy tank

7.5 cm SPG (Soviet Hetzer Starr)

The German use of a rigidly mounted gun in an AFV interested the Soviets, blueprints of an AFV nearly identical to the Jagdpanzer 38(t) Starr were drafted.

Object 705A

The Object 705A was a super heavy tank designed by ChKZ in the immediate post-war period, weighing 100 tonnes and armed with a 152 mm gun.

Object 705 (Tank-705)

The Object 705 was a heavy tank designed in parallel to the IS-7, by the SKB-2 bureau in Chelyabinsk, as a response to the German Maus super heavy tank

Geschützwagen E 100 (Fake Tank)

Sebastian Nast created a fictional design using Dragon model’s E 100 model, was never meant to be anything more than an ‘what-if’ model. But Wargaming used it to make their own E 100 self-propelled gun for World of Tanks.

Object 715

The Object 715 was one of the many unsuccessful post-war attempts to create a heavy SPG based on the IS-4 tank chassis

Dacia Duster Army Technology Demonstrator

An 2010s cooperation between several Romanian companies to develop a budget military car on a Dacia Duster, with local components for the Romanian military.

K-91 World of Tanks Fake Version

While the K-91 tank projects are real, Wargaming decided to mix and match them in order to create an ahistorical hybrid.