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Branch of the Month in Armored Warfare

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This month in Armored Warfare, the Branch that is going to receive a focus to progression is Zhang Feng's Self Propelled Guns...

As the class of vehicle in Armored Warfare with arguably the longest pedigree, at least when it comes to its modern form, Self Propelled Guns present a unique playstyle within the game, providing long-range indirect fire to teammates solely within the PvE gamemodes. 

For the duration of the month, the vehicles on this line will be available for reduced costs depending on their tier:
-The Tier 3 M108, the Tier 5 Gvozdika, the Tier 5 M109, and the tier 6 Akatsiya will all be discounted by 35%.

-The Tier 7 Palmaria and PLZ-89, as well as the the Tier 8 M109A6 Paladin, will be discounted by 25%.

-The Tier 9 Panzerhaubitze 2000 and PLZ-05 will be discounted by 20%.

-The Tier 10 Centauro 155 will be discounted by 15%.


As for gameplay, the single SPG line presents a mix of different gameplay styles and vehicles from different countries of origin, but all of them share the same base characteristics, with high-calibre firepower and the ability to fire indirectly. The line is roughly made up of two different "types" of SPG, Rapid Fire and Accurate. 

The "Rapid Fire" artillery types include the Akatsiya, Panzerhaubitze 2000, and the PLZ-05 when equipped with an optional gun. These vehicles have the ability to fire rapid salvos of relatively less accurate shots, before requiring a longer reload period to fully stock their shells once more. 

The "Accurate" artillery types however have a longer, but consistent, reload time, and are generally more accurate or harder hitting than their rapid-fire counterparts. These include the M108, Gvozdika, M109 and Paladin, Palmaria and Centauro 155.

The Latter vehicle, the Centauro, is unique amongst SPGs in that it is based on a wheeled platform, making it much more mobile compared to the other artillery platforms in the game. However, it is just as vulnerable to enemy fire, and being unable to turn on the spot could prove fatal if surprised.

As always, further information can be found at the following link:

And historical information on some of the vehicles can be found here:

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