About Illustrations Used on this Website

This website presents a collection of perhaps 2500 to 3000 illustrations of all sorts of AFVs. Note that illustrations are neither “photos” (self explanatory) nor “graphics” (which can be tables with statistics). These illustrations were created by some of Tank Encyclopedia’s authors and are always listed on each article (if unlisted, the illustration can be attributed to David Bocquelet).

Tank Encyclopedia Illustrators:

  • David Bocquelet
  • Jaycee ‘AmazingAce’
  • Bernard ‘Escodrion’ Baker
  • Ardhya ‘Vesp’ Anargha
  • Andrei ‘Octo10’ Kirushkin
  • Oussama “Godzilla”
  • Brian S. Gaydos (3d illustrations)

When in doubt, you can also contact Nathaniel MacDonald.

To contact the Tank Encyclopedia team or the illustrators directly, see the team page here.
Use the email contacts on that page for the illustrators in question for the commercial licensing of any illustrations on this site.

What Commercial Use Refers to (not an Exhaustive List):

  • Use on a website with ads (forums and social networks included)
  • Use on a video with ads
  • Use on online games
  • Use on an E-book
  • Use on an audio channel
  • Use on a printed book (in that case, HD versions up to 300 dpi instead of 72 dpi can be delivered on demand)

Private and personal projects are not considered a commercial use. However we ask that, if made public, credits are given to Tank Encyclopedia and the relevant illustrator.

Also check the legal page, for conditions on other visuals such as photos and graphics.

When in doubt, always contact us!