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New Developments: Object 490

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What is this?

So, today the Armored Warfare developers have shown off the ultimate prize of the new Battle Path, the Tier 10 Premium Object 490!

scr4Uhm. Yeah. So let's take a look at what makes this.. thing tick.

Its firepower will include the massive autoloaded 152mm 2A73 gun firing equally massive APFSDS penetrating 850mm of RHAe with slightly lower reload and aim time than the "Armata 152. It will also carry 32 rounds in total. Elevation is +10 degrees and depresses to -5 degrees, which only applies when the gun is facing forward due to how the tank is configured.


The protection of this vehicle will be superb, thick composite armor reaching with "Gofr" ERA blocks, where although having a smaller size are as effective as Kontakt-5. The frontal armor will be impossible to crack with anything but the most powerful AP shells or missiles. This plus a 3200 hitpoint pool will put even the Challenger 2 ATDU to shame. 

Not to be outdone in any form, this tank will also implement a hard-kill APS called Shtandart. On par with Armata's Afghanit besides one downside - it can't shoot down standard AP shells.

The 490 will not be slow by any sense of the imagination, even including the major armor values, this beast is powered by two ZiM 4TD engines, both outputting 1000hp for a combined total of 2000hp, reaching a maximum of 80-90 km/h, and even being able to reach these speed in reverse, thanks to the transmission.

It will be hard to even forcibly make this behemoth stop. It has two sets of tracks on both sides, requiring you to take out both sets on the same side to immobilize it. The engine is just as much of a problem. Even if you knock out one engine, it will just be able to continue running with the other one.

It will also include a hydropneumatic suspension, improving its camouflage and aim time at the cost mobility and spotting distance, but it will also cover the vehicle's greatest and likely only frontal weakspot - its lower front glacis plate.

It looks like they want no doubt about people's effort in this new Battle Path. Obtaining won't be easy but they've supposedly taken feedback from the last event and implementing it in order to make it more bareable and convienent. But still, don't be surprised if it's not easy regardless.

That's all for now, as always if you want further detail, check out the official article down below.


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