Tank-related games on sale! 23 April 2019

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Tank Related Games that are on sale today, 23 April 2019!

Tank Encyclopedia is not associated with any of the companies developing, publishing or selling the above games. This is purely informative for our readers.
The below list is not complete, we are constantly expanding it.

This is our current list of monitored games on Steam. Let us know if we should add more games to it!


The Entente Gold: -60%, 0.79€

Military Life: Tank Simulator, -70%, 1.49€

Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game: -75%, 2.49€

Panzer Tactics HD: -75%, 2.49€

Army Men: -50%, 2.69€

Army Men II: -50%, 2.69€

Army Men RTS: -50%, 2.69€

1953: NATO vs Warsaw Pact: -75%, 4.99€

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