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Wargaming gives us a bit of a glimpse at some of the changes and developments coming to the game in 2020


Blueprints are a popular new feature and very many players are using them. However, there are still issues that need to be resolved. For example, if a tree of a particular nation is already complete, any national blueprint fragments for that nation are currently useless. WG is looking to change this, and further develop the blueprint system.

Special Shells:

Currently, special shells have an ultimate advantage. There are whole sub-types of vehicles with good dynamics and gun handling that benefit the most from Premium shells. However, they also have a negative impact on heavily armoured vehicles, which without their armour advantage are either mediocre to poor in terms of gameplay performance. Thus, one of WG's main goals is to improve their impact on the game and play an important role in battle that can't simply be negated by the enemy firing Premium ammo. 
On the Sandbox server, their testing of reduced damage (and thus effective DPM) of Premium ammo was well received, however the rest of the shell rework is currently still under development. Changes to Premium ammo will come alongside these future changes. Furthermore, they reassure players that they do not intend to reintroduce Premium ammo  as a "Gold ammo", i.e. only available for purchase with Gold, as they want "every player to have equal conditions". 

HE Shells:

The way WG wanted to rework HE shells didn't work out on the Sandbox. They wanted to make the shell type more predictable and understandable, making it more clear whether a player's shot penetrated and did damage, or if it didn't penetrate but still did damage. They want to bring the logic closer in line to AP shells for successful penetrations.


They do not intend to remove the Stun system from artillery, but will check the settings of the stun system. The Sandbox testing also showed that giving artillery AP shells will not work as it used to in the "bad old days." Furthermore, they clarify that there "will be no Premium arty", but they will continue working on SPGs. From context it is not clear if this means there will be no more premium SPGs added to the game, or if there will be no Premium ammo for SPGs.

Crew 2.0:

Testing for Crew 2.0 will begin on the Sandbox server some time in the summer of this year, although it will only be a preliminary solution for the huge changes they intend to bring to the Crew system, and should not be seen as finalised. The rough blueprint of the Sandbox implementation is as follows:

-A new entity, called the "Unit" will be added to the game, comprising of four crews. Each Commander can be trained to a particular Vehicle, and all crews within the Unit will be of the same nation and vehicle type. Units have levels which determine how many perks the Unit Commanders can learn. Each Commander can have their own sets of Perks or Skills, and a single crew can be assigned to four different vehicles (as well as all Premium vehicles of the same nation and type). 
-There will be so-called "Special Crews", counselors who will strengthen Commanders.
-The Perk system will be reworked to include more perks, each of which will have a level. Perks will be divided into five branches (each corresponding to crew members), and each branch will end with two perks to choose from. To earn these will take a decent amount of investment.
-This will be integrated into a Commander, which represents an entire Crew (WoT Console/WoWS style, I would guess)

This will be tested on the Sandbox. Some new perks will resemble old ones, and situational perks will be added that reflect player behaviour, such as an equivalent to Adrenaline Rush from WoWS (faster reloads when you have low health). A total of 35 perks are planned with 10 "Ultimate" perks. The main intention is to make Crews less impactful on gameplay. They will make gameplay more enjoyable, and there will be less of a focus on the same trio of "Repair, Brothers in Arms, [Crew Specific Perk]" that is currently used by the majority of players.

Equipment 2.0:

WG wants to diversity the usage of Equipment and move away from the standard setups that are currently applicable to the majority of the vehicles in the game (Rammer, Vents, Binoculars as an example). They want to add new types of Equipment that change more varied characteristics of the vehicle, and simplify the Equipment type and price systems. 
The current plan is that vehicles will have slots for certain Equipment types that will effect different aspects of the tank, determined by the vehicle's role and type that benefits their play style. There will be no restrictions for setups, but some equipment will be available only to certain types of vehicles. 

Ranked Battles 2020/21:

Ranked Battles will be returning with 3 Seasons, allowing players to earn a brand new Tier IX tank that is currently unidentified. 

Vehicle Rebalancing:

Vehicle Rebalancing is going to continue from 2019, rebalancing various underperforming or overperforming vehicles such as the E-100, Tiger I, Tiger II, IS-4, KV-3, T32, M103 and more. They are also considering different options for rebalancing wheeled vehicles. Currently, players have a hard time hitting these vehicles in the first place, and if they do hit there is too great a chance that their shell will hit a wheel and do zero damage, and have minimal effect on the overall mobility of the vehicle. This needs to be addressed and will be this year.

Tenth Anniversary:

2020 is the Tenth anniversary of the game, and celebrations of this will begin in April and last until the end of the year. There will be five thematic stages, each corresponding to various milestones of WoT, and will demonstrate how much the game has changed and grown over the years. The peak of the celebration will be in August. 


Battle Formats - Do you plan to return the removed battle formats or implement ones used in Team Clash?

"The 7/54 format was removed permanently and will not return. Team Clash showed us that players enjoyed the 7/70 format so we want to launch it once more but without binding it to any specific game event. We want to see how player perceive the gameplay itself, and whether they enjoy it, and if it goes well we will improve and launch it. The 7/70 format will not be the new eSports, but will be aimed at "amateurs"."

Game Events Overlapping:

"Recent DDoS attacks seriously affected the schedule of game events so some had to be moved. The choice was to either cancel or overlap, and the decision was made to do the latter. Such will not happen in future."

Bond Shop - Will it be updated?

"The items in the Bond Shop will be updated approximately once every 6 months, and this year will be updated at roughly the beginning of the Rank Battles season."

UI Issues - How and when do you plan to fix transparent objects that can't be shot through, and "slippery" objects?

"This is a systematic issue connected with the use of third party tech in our engine. The issues arise when different tech interacts, and were present before Update 1.0 albeit less frequently. We are working on a fix, but it requires interaction from the tech owners, and it takes time"


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