Another Old Friend Returns

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WG opens their vaults once more and brings a Premium back from the dead...

Long term fans of WoT and small, fast tank destroyers can rejoice as the infamous E-25 is going to be coming back for the week. Available in a bundle either on its own with assorted accessories like gold, crew, and some missions, or alongside the Tier IV Panzer B2 740 (F), with premium time and some equipment, this little blast from the past used to be reviled as one of the most "Overpowered" of the old-style premiums if you were willling to dip into your wallet for a healthy helping of premium ammo. 

Since it was last on proper sale, however, the game has changed a lot. New tanks, new classes, new balancing, new maps, and new matchmaking means that this thing will, likely, struggle against some of its newer peers. But, when it's top of the pecking order, this thing will likely be just as terrifying as it once was, with its rapid fire 75mm gun and impressive mobility. 

As always, more information can be found here:

While information on some of Germany's various WWII prototypes can be found here:


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