FV4201 Chieftain/90mm Gun Tank T95 Hybrid

In the late 1950's the UK, US, and Canada collaborated closely on tank development and wanted the turrets and guns for tanks to be interchangeable.

AGF Improved Medium Tank

The Improved Medium Tank came from the specifications laid down by the US Army Ground Force trying to put create the ultimate medium tank.

Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade Solution

Leonardo's upgrade solution for the M60A3 was presented at BIDEC 2017 as a means to keep the venerable M60 competitive in the modern era.

40RBL78 MA Field Gun

The 40RBL78 MA Field Gun was a unique project developed by the British in the early stages of WW2 built on the chassis of a crane.

Medium Mark C “Hornet”

The Medium Mark C "Hornet" was the design of Sir William Tritton to replace his Mark A Whippet tank. It was the best British tank of WW1, but came too late.

The Tanks of Pawel Chrobok

Unusual Polish WW2 tank designs designed by Pawel Chrobok while he was stationed in England.

Medium Mark B “Whippet”

Designed by Major Walter Wilson, the Medium Mark B 'Whippet' was intended to replace the Mark A Whippet in British service.

ACEC Cobra Tank – Cobra 25 and 90

Based on the chassis of the ACEC Cobra APC, a light tank was developed in two versions, one with a 25 mm gun and one with a 90 mm gun.


Compact, well designed, and innovative, the electrically-driven ACEC Cobra was ahead of its time but did not receive any orders.

Ansaldo MIAS/MORAS 1935

The Ansaldo MIAS and MORAS were two motorized mobile shields designed with the lessons of the First World War in mind.