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September 18
★ Geschützwagen IVb für 10.5 cm le.F.H.18/1

The rare Geschutzwagen IVb, shortened to Sfl.IVb, consisted of a 10.5cm LeFH 18/1 light field howitzer in an open-topped turret on a shortened Panzer IV chassis.

September 13
★ Goede’s New Tank

Dr. Gabor Goede filed a patent for a ‘New Type of Tank’ on 16th July 2002. In it, Goede was clear that in his view tanks would “continue to act [as] an important and indispensable part in modern warfare”

September 11
★ KV-2 w/ 107 mm ZiS-6

The KV-2 tank was used as a gun trials testbed for the 107 mm ZiS-6 gun.

Less Recenty Published

September 6
★ Cannone a Grande Gittata da 75/32 Modello 1937
The Cannone da 75/32 Modello 1937 was an Italian field gun developed before the Second World War to equip the Italian Regio Esercito’s infantry divisions with a high velocity and long-range field gun.
September 4
★ Dür-Wagen
German military circles demanded the development of a similar vehicle to the tank. In the ensuing tank program, the Dür-Wagen was one of the proposed, but ultimately unsuccessful, solutions.

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ww1 era tanks and armoured cars WW1 – Mud, Barbed Wire, and Trenches: The United Kingdom and France started development of tanks in order to break through enemy lines. However, many pioneers had envisioned the use of armored vehicles in the decades prior to the Great War. Soon after its introduction, the tank quickly became a killing machine integrated into combined arms operations.

WW2 TanksWW2 – The Tank Goes Global: The Interwar period saw the tank go on a worldwide tour, from Bolivia to China, every corner of the globe and all seven continents felt the tread of heavy armor. Even so, many were unconvinced by this new weapon of war. World War Two would change these perceptions, and see tanks used in unprecedented numbers across all theaters of war.

Cold war tanks and AFVsCold War – East vs West: In a period dominated by nuclear weapons, two opposing superpowers led to the splitting of the world into East and West. Although the USA and USSR never fought each other directly, almost all proxy wars of the period saw extensive usage of their tanks.

modern tanks and AFVsModern Era – Are Tanks Still Relevant?: Despite numerous prophets heralding the demise of the tank, armor is still an important part of all the world’s militaries. The modern battlefield shows no signs of this changing soon, with the development of tanks continuing to adapt to it.

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