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Leichter Raupenschlepper Famo

German Reich
Improvised Light Tank – 1 Built

Despite being famous for its tanks during World War II, Germany never had enough of them to go around. Less important units, such as those fighting partisans in the Balkans had a very low priority as far as Armored Fighting Vehicle allocation was concerned. They received old, obsolete or captured vehicles that the main units deemed useless. This led some of the units in the theater to get creative, as was probably the case with the Leichter Raupenschlepper Famo light tank.

Leichter Raupenschlepper Famo
The Leichter Raupenschlepper Famo light armoured car photographed in the snow.


Three photographs have shown that at least one Famo Boxer was converted into a light tank. It is not known by whom or the exact dates involved. The engine was protected by armor plate and the front section elongated to act as a counterweight. It had an armored louvered grill at the front to assist ventilation and help protect the engine and radiator. The lower glacis plate was angled to help it slide up muddy slopes.

The rear of the tractor was extended so the commander had somewhere to stand. In front of him was the driver. Both crewmen were protected by an armored superstructure. The thickness of the armor is not known but it would have been thin and only stopped small arms fire. It was angled and the domed turret was curved which would have helped with bullet deflection.

The Leichter Raupenschlepper Famo light tank. There are two supports at the rear of the tractor that hold up a platform for the commander to stand on behind the driver’s seat. The armored superstructure wraps around both crewmen. Photo source unknown

The Leichter Raupenschlepper Famo (Light tracked tractor built by Famo) improvised tank was built on an agricultural tracked tractor. It was armed with a 7.92 mm machine-gun in a 360-degree rotating turret. It had a 5.0 liter 4-cylinder 45 hp engine. The transmission had three forward gears and one reverse.

It is believed to have been operated in the Independent State of Croatia and used in a security role to prevent attacks by partisans. It does not display the Croatian Army markings of a red and white checkerboard shield. It has the German Army Balkenkreuz cross on the side. Therefore, it may be assumed that the vehicle was operated by a German Army tank crew in Croatia.

The Leichter Raupenschlepper Famo light tank was probably used to provide protection from partisan attacks. Notice the armored louvered grill at the front of the extended engine compartment. Photo source unknown

The tractor, on which this vehicle was based, was produced in 1932 and called the LHB Boxer. In 1934, Linke-Hofmann-Busch Werke AG was divided into several companies. On 15th November 1935, the vehicle manufacturing part of the company was taken over by Junkers. It continued to build wheeled and tracked tractors plus diesel engines under the new name Fahrzeug und Motoren-Werke GmbH (FAMO). They also developed and manufactured the very large heavy 18 ton half-track vehicle (Sd.Kfz.9) for the Wehrmacht.

FAMO continued the production of the LHB Boxer but it was now advertised for sale as the FAMO Boxer. The German Wehrmacht purchased them for use as towing vehicles. Their official designation was Leichter Raupenschlepper Famo, Typ Boxer.

The Leichter Raupenschlepper Famo light tank. The engine was protected by armor plate and the front section was elongated to act as a counterweight. The lower glacis plate was angled to help it slide up muddy slopes. Photo source unknown


The operational history of this vehicle is, sadly, unknown. It is also not known what happened to the vehicle. It is possible it was destroyed by the partisans, captured after the war and scrapped or simply dismantled and returned to its role as a tractor.

A Leichter Raupenschlepper Famo, Typ Boxer being used in Norway.

Illustration of the Leichter Raupenschlepper Famo produced by Yuvnashva Sharma, funded by our Patreon Campaign.


Dimensions (L-w-h) N/A
Total weight, battle-ready N/A
Armament 7.92mm Machine Gun
Armor 10mm Aprx.
Crew 2 (commander/gunner, driver)
Propulsion 5.0 litre 4-cylinder 42 hp
Speed N/A
Operational N/A
Vehicles Built 1
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