Oriental Republic of Uruguay (1945-1990)


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The early Cold War period saw major economic developments for Uruguay. Its agriculture had fed Allied forces during WWII and UN and US forces in Korea. The 1950s and 1960s were largely uneventful, with peaceful transitions of power. Like many Latin American states, Uruguay received military aid from the US, obtaining M3 Stuarts, M24 Chaffees, and M113 APCs.

Acts of terror from far-left guerrilla groups were used by the government to justify taking a more authoritarian line. To fully defeat them, the military took over in a coup in 1973. Although less notorious than some of its continental counterparts, at one point, Uruguay was the country with the most political prisoners. The military dictatorship modernized the armored vehicle pool with West German Condor APCs, former Belgian M41 Walker Bulldogs, and Brazilian EE-3 Jararacas and EE-9 Cascavels.

Popular protests brought down the dictatorship in 1984.

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