Latil 4×4 TAR Heavy Artillery Tractor and Lorry

France (1913) Tractor/Lorry – 3,000 Built The Latil TAR 4WD was a popular French lorry and known for its very good off-road capability, which made it an excellent choice for the French Army. It had very good ground clearance that helped the lorry negotiate undulating ground and obstacles like rocks, building rubble, and tree branches….

Schneider CD Artillery Tractor

France (1917-1918) Tow and Supply Vehicle – 330 Built Schneider Char de Dépannage The French phrase ‘camion de dépannage’ translates to tow-truck. The Schneider CD was a WW1 tow truck that used the same Holt chassis as the Schneider CA1 tank. It was fitted with a winch. There is a dispute as to the reason…