Cold War Spanish Prototypes

Vehículo Blindado de Combate de Infantería VBCI-E General Yagüe

Spanish State (Early 1960s) Armored Personnel Carrier/Infantry Fighting Vehicle – Paper Project Spanish military authorities have always strived to create military designs for the local production of armored fighting vehicles. Often, financial instability or political turmoil have prevented this from happening. Both, to different degrees, would condemn the Vehículo Blindado de Combate de Infantería VBCI-E […]

Malian Armor

Type 62 in Malian Service

Republic of Mali (1981-Present, No Longer in Active Use) Light Tank – 18 Purchased The Republic of Mali has been a traditional customer of Soviet hardware ever since its independence in 1960. Over its history, in total, the country has purchased four different types of tanks. Of these, one stands out as somewhat of an […]

Kingdom of Sweden (Modern)

Vehicles Swedish Armored Vehicles at the End of the Cold War Thanks to its location on the periphery of the European continent, in combination with the leverage provided by its indiginous industry and resources, Sweden was able to avoid direct involvement in World War II. The conflict was, however, never far away, and Sweden constantly […]

Malian Armor

T-54B in Malian Service

Republic of Mali (Likely 1970s-Present) Main Battle Tank – 12 Operated The Republic of Mali is one of a myriad of African states which broke free from France at the turn of the 1950s to 1960s. Soon after independence, it became one of the most Soviet-aligned states in West Africa. This logically led to the […]

Has Own Video Modern North Korean Armor

M2009 Chunma-D

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (Late 2000s-Present) Armored Personnel Carrier – Unknown Number Built North Korea has, since the 1960s, developed and expanded its military vehicles industry quite considerably. Starting out by locally assembling Soviet vehicles, the country progressively moved onto creating and manufacturing its own vehicles, more and more distinct from original Russian or […]

Republic of the Sudan

Vehicles Sudan is an under-developed desert country in northeast Africa that has had near-constant war since it gained independence from Great Britain on 1 January 1956. It has undergone three civil wars and numerous smaller conflicts. Tensions within the country largely stemmed from disagreements between the Muslim north and the Christian south, leading to the […]

Cold War Soviet Prototypes Has Own Video

Object 911

Soviet Union (1963-1964) Infantry Fighting Vehicle – 1 Prototype Built The evolution of warfare and technologies in the years following the conclusion of the Second World War had a major impact on the way warfare would be conducted in the future. The appearance and proliferation of nuclear weapons led to the need for protection from […]

Cold War Algerian Armor Modern Algerian Armor

T-62 in Algerian Service and T-62-Berezhok Conversion

People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria (1977-Present) Main Battle Tank – 330 Delivered Algeria achieved independence from France in 1962 after an 8-year bloody struggle. Since then, the country has built up one of the best equipped militaries on the African continent. The main supplier of military hardware, and particularly armored vehicles, for this regional military […]

Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Modern)

Vietnam Roughly 1,800 tanks and 4,900 APCs in early 2020s Vehicles Vietnam is one of the best armed Asian nations due to its unique situation during the Cold War. Tensions with neighboring countries during the last decades, most notably China, have forced the Vietnamese to maintain a well-equipped military. The army is certainly not one […]

Has Own Video Modern Serbian Armor

Lazanski Armored Combat Vehicle 

Republic of Serbia (2021) 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle – 1 Prototype Built In recent years, the Serbian military industry has managed to develop and produce a series of 8×8 wheeled armored vehicles, including the Lazar series. A recent addition to the 8×8 family has been the Lazanski wheeled Armored Combat Vehicle (ACV), demonstrated for the […]