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We take another look at the upcoming European tree coming to WoT Blitz, and a celebrity guest...

As a reminder, the first branch of the European Tree consists of four nations; the Finnish, Polish, Swedish and Italians.
-Finland occupies Tier I with the Vickers Mk.F, a Finnish version of the prominent export tank.
-Poland occupies Tier II and III with the 10TP and 14TP.
-Sweden occupies Tier IV and V with the Lago and the Strv m/42.
-Italy occupies tiers VI to X with the P.43 bis and ter, the P.44 Pantera, the Standard B and the Progetto M40 mod. 65, the last three of which contain the new-to-Blitz Autoreloader mechanic. 

WG have published a video looking at this tree:

And, to introduce the Italian Tanks, the Italian racing driver Giancarlo Fisichella, a veteran of Formula One, amongst other championships:

WG have assured players that the dev teams have taken care to make sure that the "progression between nations feels natural", so there shouldn't be any issues with jarring changes in playstyle.


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