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Object 685: 906 with a bigger punch!

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Continuing the Soviet light tank tree in 1.91.

Today, Gaijin has announced the Object 685, a rank 6 Soviet light armored scouting tank meant to continue where they left off with the 906. It is essentially a more powerful 906. Mounting a 100mm 2A48 auto loaded gun on an equally unprotected hull. Mobility also remains practically the same as the 906, as even though there is a more powerful engine, it only compensates for the added weight of the gun, although you have a much weaker reverse speed. 

There are a few caveats to the 100mm gun. It will reload substantially faster than any conventionally loaded 100mm guns in the Soviet tree, and unlike the 906, has access to sub-calibre rounds beyond the armor-piercing, high explosive and chemical rounds.

So, if you liked the Object 906 in your lineup, this will be a welcome uptick in capability for you. 

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