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Update 0.29 for Armored Warfare:

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The 0.29 Update for Armored Warfare has finally released, and this article will detail the new additions available within this update...

With the release of Update 0.29 comes a bevy of new content covering the PvE, PvP and End Game aspects of Armored Warfare. First of these new additions of the latest Special Operation, Moscow Calling, with four new missions and a series of new achievements and customisation options.

Along with this is the new Moscow PvP map, based on one of the larger Moscow boulevards. Despite being set within a city, the map is wide enough and littered with enough cover to make it comfortable to play on for all classes of vehicle in the game. 

One of the main focuses for this Season is introducing more things for players to do. Aside from the upcoming Battle Path mode, there will be a number of additional activities and improvements added for players in the End Game, such as the War Games mode (a training exercise on the PvE map) and a new set of Contract Missions with improved rewards such as the ZUBR PSP Tier 7 Premium TD. Information on these can be found at the following link:

One of the improvements which will be the focus for many players is the improvements to the economy, across both PvE and PvP, with the aim of increasing player income. The reward rules have also been tweaked, making objective completion just as (if not more) important than just slaughtering everything that stands in your way. Furthermore, Premium Time will now grant a bonus 100%, not 50%, to income, and K1A1 Upgrade Modules can be purchased directly for Experience. More information on this can be found at the following link:

Finally, there have been a multitude of changes made to various gameplay mechanics, including improving ricochet mechanics, daily bonuses, wheeled vehicle steering, armor viewer accuracy and commander progression.

For the full information on the list of changes, you can head to the following link:


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