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0.29 PTS for Armored Warfare

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The Public Test Server for Update 0.29 is now live, should you wish to check it out...

Update 0.29 is going to bring with it a wide range of features, and the PTS will allow you to try it out ahead of its release on public servers. 

Firstly, there will be a new Special Operation, Moscow Calling, which will be the start of another story arc for the PvE Campaigns. This will include 4 separate missions along with a host of achievements and customisation options. Along with these will be a Moscow-based PvP map, a large urban environment, with wide streets and plenty of cover to cater for all types of combat vehicle. 

Another feature coming to 0.29 is the improvement of Endgame content for high-tier players, which will include a new game mode (War Games), additional vehicle progression via a Mastery system, and new Contract Missions with rewards including the ZUBR PSP Tank Destroyer.

Finally, as a major addition, there's going to be several improvements made to various gameplay mechanics. These include Commander Progression, Ricochets, Smoke visual effects, Daily Bonuses, PvE and PvP Economy Reworks, improved wheel steering and an improved armor viewer. 

However, there are a series of issues already known by the devs, which players should watch out for:

-Leclerc, Leclerc T40 and Leclerc T4 are placeholders, not ready for testing.

-The Alabino Proving Grounds window fails to open.

-Moscow PvE missions are crashing 32-bit clients.

-Moscow Calling Special Ops are missing some music, voiceovers, and experiencing other issues such as low FPS and broken AI making missions unwinnable.

-War Games mode is missing portions of AI.

-Launch shows the Arabian Nights trailer rather than Moscow Calling.

As always, more information can be found at the following links:

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