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Economy Rebalances and Improvements

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The economy changes for the upcoming "Moscow Calling" season

Today, economic changes have been revealed in response to the complaints of progression difficulties.

The changes differ between PvP and PvE and do not apply to both.

For PvP:

  • Shell and repair costs removed
  • Tier multiplier mechanism reduced
  • Rewards for shell damage increased 
  • A compensation mechanism for waiting over 3 minutes in a queue

On average this is estimated to increase credit gain by 25% compared to Hardcore PvE, and increase overall progression across the board.

For PvE:

  • Rewards will now become dependent on the performance of the team as a whole, rather than one or two damage dealers
  • Mission completion reward will become a multiplier of the team performance reward
  • Removal of the logistic cost of entering a Hardcore match

On average this is expected to increase the base credit reward by a factor of 10 and incentivize team play rather than focusing on damage per second dealt and depending on your skill level, your credit income may potentially double.

Overall it seems like the meta may change, as DPS MBTs and IFVs won't be as effective at progression as they are currently, but the full effects of the changes are yet to be seen.

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