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New Developments: BVP M-80A, Not Just A Copy

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A look at the upcoming new Tier 4 Premium for the next event.


Recently, a new development has been announced with the end of the War of the Wastelands event, this new development will be part of the next event coming soon, the BVP M-80A Tier 4 Premium IFV.


It's in game implementation will be a mobile, but very lightly armored vehicle, only protecting against 20mm autocannons from the front, while being able to reach speeds of 65 km/h. It’s stock armament(more on the “stock” comment later) will include a 20mm Hispano-Suiza HS 804 autocannon and Malyutka ATGMs.


In game it will be given the option through modifications of three different turrets, the first of which being the M-80/98A, mounting a 30mm Zastava 30mm L/70 autocannon, similar in performance to the Soviet 2A72, and Malyutka ATGMs. This is a modern upgrade which means it will feature modern optics and FCS, enabling scouting.


The second turret is the “Foka” turret, an anti aircraft option with two of the 30mm Zastava autocannons, losing the ATGMs and scouting ability but making up for it in the major DPM increase thanks to the two autocannons.


The final turret is the M83 turret, replacing the autocannon for six Malyutka ATGMs, turning it into a very powerful option, especially considering that it will be a tier 4 vehicles, around which other vehicles of the same tier have very little, if any HEAT protection at all.


While the BVP M-80A may seem like a re-hash of other vehicles in game, it’s implementation will show, like in real life, that it is more than what it seems on the surface.

As always, more detailed information at the following link:

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