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New War Thunder World War season “Road to the West”

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Gaijin has announced that War Thunders next World War season titled "Road to the West" will begin on July 1st. Players who partake in this season will have the chance to earn two new special vehicles the IL-2 M-82, a radial engine variant of the legendary IL-2. As well as the M60 AMBT a Turkish Modification of the Venerable M60 Patton. 

Despite the troubled times we live in video games have proven to be an excellent way to prove the time and with July starting up Gaijin has decided to announce that the next season of the much liked World War mode will begin on July 1st. This season, unlike previous seasons, will feature full Realistic Battle mechanics and controls which means no markers and more realistic battle scenarios. For this season the matches and Battles will be fought in two scenarios, the first being an Alternate History scenario centered around the Fulda Gap and will be USSR vs Germany. The Second scenario is an actual historical one taking place in the Suez Canal and features a USSR (Egypt) vs USA (Israel) scenario for Tanks and Helicopters.The event will run from July 1st 2020  and will end on July 20 2020.

As part of this event, the World War Battle Stars are making a reappearance and will allow the player for three stars to unlock the first of this season's rewards. The first major reward is the Soviet IL-2 M-82 variant of the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik. This fighter differs from the other variants due to the fact that it has a radial engine and in an interesting twist no engine protection but actual defensive armament. This particular IL-2 while slower and with ist lack of engine protection is partially saved by its bomb load and its defensive armaments. The IL-2 M-82 is available now for 3 stars. 

The second major reward for this season is the M60 Patton, but this is not the Patton we are all used to, no indeed. The Patton we will be seeing in-game is the Turkish M60 AMBT modification/upgrade designed in 2011 by the company StandartBio. This tank features all the features of the normal M60 but with improvements such as a 1200hp engine, a 120mm main gun, increased protection, as well as a 25mm Automatic canon in the turret. Overall this tank definitely feels like a good to reward for this event and a new worthy top BR US gift vehicle. 

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Good luck to all Squadrons and players who partake in this event!

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