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The results of the last testing bear fruit, with the balancing and updates coming in 1.9 to WoT...

From the Sandbox testing, WG was able to gain a better understanding of how some of the proposed changes would have played out had they been released into the live server. Some, like the shell rebalance, clearly needed more work, but others are going to be added to the game in the upcoming 1.9 Update. Here's the summary.

HP and Ammunition for Low-Tier Vehicles:

All vehicles from Tier I to Tier VI will be receiving improvements to their HP values, with an aim to increasing the overall performance, effectiveness and survival time of low to  mid tier vehicles, and providing a more comfortable progression through to the top tier vehciles, and a smoother progression between tiers. As a consequence to this, the ammo capacity of these vehicles will also be increased, as without such a change it would be likely that more players may run out of ammunition before the battle is won. 

Tech Tree Changes:

All Tech-Trees are being streamlined to make them easier to navigate (images of which will be included at the end of this article), and vehicles which are removed from the Tech-Trees in pursuit of this will be available in-game for Credits at exactly the same cost they are now, without having to spend any XP on them. They will also be easier to make "Elite" as you will no longer have to research the vehicle immediately after them. 

There are also going to be changes to the vehicles thar remain available for research, either shifting between tiers or in-game classes, and three new vehicles; the BT-5, T6 Medium and Cavalier. Full details for these changes are included at the link at the end of the article, and WG have helpfully pre-emptively answered a lot of FAQ from the playerbase:

What will happen to vehicles relocated from the Tech Tree?

All 92 vehicles that become Collectible will remain in the game client and on player's accounts, and will be available for purchase for credits from then on.

How can I get a Collectible Tank?

Once you have unlocked a vehicle of that Tier in that Tech Tree, you can purchase a Collectible Tank. The example WG gives is researching the Tiger II to unlock the Jagdpanther II.

What is the difference between normal vehicles and Collector's Vehicles?

The only difference between them is the manner in which you can acquire them, as you do not have to spend XP on them. Otherwise, they are the same.

Where can I purchase a Collectible Tank?

You can access it from the In-game shop via the "Collector's Vehicles" tab, or from the Tech Tree.

What will happen to the "Technical Engineer" and "Tank Expert" Achievements?

The "Technical Engineer" Achievements will apply only to regular vehicles, while the Tank Expert achievement still requires destroying all tanks from every tech-tree, including collectible ones. WG also aims to add a new achievement for owning all Collectors vehicles and 11 achievements for each nation.

How much will they cost?

They remain the same as their current implementation

Will they ever be rebalanced?

They will be affected by balance changes just as tech-tree vehicles are

How will they be equipped?

They will be relocated along with their modules, and you will have the full choice they currently enjoy, such as the Sherman Jumbo and its choice of the 105mm or 76mm guns.


Collector's Vehicles Relocating Mechanics

-If a vehicle up to and including Tier VIII has been relocated to the Collector's Vehicle's tab, then the vehicle of the next tier and all lower tiers will be automatically researched regardless of purchase.

-All blueprint fragments of unrersearched vehicles will be converted into the equivalent number of universal and national ones according to its Tier. For example a Tier IV Blueprint becomes 1 National and 4 Universal fragments.

-If you have already researched the relocated Tier IX and X vehicles, you can purchase them in the Collector's Tab any time after Update 1.9 goes live.

-All players who were approaching the Tier X vehicles but hadn't researched them, but did have the Tier X vehicles, will gain access to the Tier X tanks of these nations in the Collector's Vehicles tab.

-All players approaching the AMX 30 1er, but hadn't researched it, will gain access to the Tier IX tanks of the French nation in the Collector's vehicles tab.

Further FAQ answers, and more details on the update, can be found at the following link:

Finally, here's a couple of examples of the new Tech Trees, as shown at the previous link. All other Trees can be found there.



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