ISU-152K: The Return of the King

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A classic icon of the "bad old days" of WoT returns...

Coming soon to Supertest, the ISU-152K is a premium Soviet Tier VIII counterpart to the tech-tree ISU-152, and as such, differs in very few regards. One thing that does set it apart, however, is the return of the BL-10 to the game. Once dubbed the "Troll Cannon" due to its infamously punchy damage and somewhat....questionable accuracy, which made it almost as dangerous to its own team and its user as it was to the enemy, this thing is returning to the game on a variation of its original, iconic platform. 

For the benefits of having higher penetration, and the slightest advantage in terms of gun traverse, the ISU-152K will lose out to its tech-tree compatriot in terms of mobility and reload time, making the inevitable misses (due to its 0.41 accuracy) more punishing, and ensuring that a determined for can chase it down before it can reload. 

This announcement has already caused a certain upset amongst the community, perhaps rightfully so, as the BL-10 was removed from the tech-tree vehicle for balancing purposes, and seeing it return for a Premium vehicle- rather than being researched through the tech-tree - is somewhat of a blow to morale for those who wish to relive the "glory days" of this thing being able to meet Tier V Light-Tanks and promptly educate them in the importance of not being seen, and has led to accusations of a cashgrab. This is not unusual for WG as of late, with various parties looking to accuse them of "killing the game" in favour of short-term monetary gain (even when the changes they mention to are intended to improve the average player's experience in-game), but this at least seems to have a bit of a basis in reality with the nostalgia players have for the old ISU and its "Troll-Cannon".

To round off the article, we have the Supertest stat-card for this machine, as well as a link to the Tank Encyclopedia where you can find historical information about the vehicle this new premium is based on:

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