Widening our Reach

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Just a small announcement to tell you all that, in this new year (a couple of weeks late, I know), we're going to be increasing the coverage we put out with this website. Rather than focusing only on the aspect of gaming that covers armoured warfare, as we have in the past, we will instead cover as much as we can from the gaming world that concerns the armoured, naval and aerial facets of warfare. Whether this is simulators such as IL-2 and DCS, multiplayer arcade games such as WoT, WoWS or War Thunder, multiplayer FPS' such as Post Scriptum, or strategy games such as the upcoming Task Force Admiral, we hope that you'll be able to find something of interest to you. 


War Thunder Update 1.93 and 1.95 possible release dates

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Yesterday on the War Thunder VK Blog it was found that the caption under the name of the blog had been changed to state that Update 1.93 and 1.95 would be in October and December respectively. Now, of course, this could simply be speculation rather than actual news, however, the VK blog in the past has been fairly accurate in regards to leaks (even to the point where most of the content of 1.91 was leaked in the blog) which gives some credibility to this claim. However, what really gives credibility to this claim in that in previous years there has indeed been an update in October, followed by one in December. As some have speculated these two updates could actually bring in another nation, namely Sweden as in previous years 1.X and X updates have given players a new air tree and tank tree respectively. Despite the fact that China was recently added many have speculated since it is only a new tree for the International community and had already been developed several years earlier that there is still a chance for another new nation as usual though only time will tell what these updates will feature. 

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