Sherman BARV

United Kingdom (1944) Beach Armored Recovery Vehicle – 52-66 Built In the mid-1940s, with amphibious landings becoming ever more prevalent during the Second World War, it became evident to the British that specialized vehicles were required to help clear the way or assist in vehicle recovery. In such a landing, it was important to keep…

Churchill A.V.R.E.

United Kingdom (1942) Engineering Vehicle – Approximately 700 Built

Canal Defence Light (CDL) Tanks

United Kingdom/United States of America (1942) Infantry Support Tanks At the time of its conception, the Canal Defence Light, or CDL, was a Top Secret project. This ‘Secret Weapon’ was based around the use of a powerful Carbon-Arc lamp and would be used to illuminate enemy positions in night attacks as well as disorient the…

A.22F, Churchill Crocodile

United Kingdom (1944) Flamethrower Tank – ~800 Built