Type 58 and T-34-85 in Chinese Service

Though an outdated design, the Chinese decided to upgrade their left over T-34s to the 'Type 58' standard in 1958.

Type 63/65 SPAAG

The Type 65 SPAAG is a North Vietnamese self-propelled anti-aircraft gun based on a modified T-34 that was captured during the Vietnam War.

Type T-34 (Fake Tank)

The Type T-34 is supposedly a T-34/76 in Chinese service, however there is no credible evidence that the PLA ever used them.

M4A2 Sherman in Chinese Service

A single photo from 1949 shows a Chinese M4A2 in PLA service on parade. This article attempts to trace its mysterious history.

T-26s with Kremlin Armory Cannons (Fake Tank)

When the Battle of Moscow looked bleak, Soviet High Command thought of using all arms against the invaders, including antique weapons, leading to T-26s with Kremlin Armory cannons. April Fools!

Panzer I Breda

During the Spanish Civil War, Republican tanks vastly outperformed Nationalist ones. As a result, a Panzer I armed with a Breda 20mm gun was developed.

Renault ZB

The Renault ZB was a French prototype vehicle testing new suspension. Twelve were ordered by the Republic of China and saw service in the Burma Campaign.

Panzer I ‘Lanzallamas’

The Panzer I 'Lanzallamas' were two Spanish Civil War flamethrower vehicles. Two were built, but neither saw combat.

Type 95 So-Ki

The Type 95 So-Ki was a Japanese armored railroad car / tankette developed in the 1930s. It saw service in Manchuria and Burma.

Tanque Barbastro

The Barbastro Tank was an improvised tank series built during the Spanish Civil War. Production was sanctioned by the Government, but plagued by bureaucracy.