Pomilio Monocycle Tank

The Italian Carlo Pomilio proposed in 1917 a giant single-wheeled landship to crush its enemies and the obstacles before it.

VXO Amphibious Half-track

The VXO Amphibious Half-track is one of the last half-track designs ever proposed on the world military market.

William Foster’s Flotilla Leader

Even before the first tanks hit the battlefield, work was underway in Britain to make bigger and better armored machines.

William Foster’s Battletank

Foster's Battletank would have been a real behemoth on the battlefield, but such a big size would have created a slew of other problems.

Vickers Mk.7/2

The Vickers Mk.7/2 saw the marriage of a Vickers turret and the German Leopard 2 hull, however it did not attract any sales.

Lancia 1ZM

The Lancia 1ZM was an Italian armored car built during the First World War, but which would see continued use through to the Second.

Hurthig Amphibious Vehicle

The Hurthig was a Cold War Canadian patent proposal for a rounded armored fighting vehicle with all-around track.

Mattila Assault Wagon

The Mattila Assault Wagon is a peculiar Finnish WW2 design that drew heavily from the experiences of the Winter War.

Wieczorek Engin blindé de combat (EBC) and Engin blindé de combat lourds (EBCL)

Wieczorek's EBC and EBCL take the modern MBT to its most extreme forms, with super-heavy weight, large armament, and more.

C. L. Best Tractor Tank (‘Best Tracklayer 75’)

The American Best company tried to capitalize on the appearance of the tank by building a mock-up on one of its tractors.