Bob Semple Tractor Tank

New Zealand (1940-1942) Tractor Tank – 3 Built Few tanks have achieved the level of notoriety and even scorn which has been cast upon the ‘Bob Semple Tank’. Few lists of ‘Worst ever tanks’ miss it out and it does seem perhaps a little ungainly at first glance. As such it is ignored for what …

Tritton Chaser – Whippet Prototype

After seeing the effects of the first British tanks on the battlefield, a new type of tank was devised, in the form of the Tritton Chaser prototype

US Work on Anti-magnetic Coatings

With seemingly little relation to Zimmerit, the Americans were faced with a similar problem. They devised a number of solutions, but all were abandoned.

British work on Zimmerit

The British were intrigued by the new German substance called Zimmerit, so they did a number of tests to ascertain its value as camouflage.

Zimmerit in Soviet and German tests

The appearance of Zimmerit first baffled the Soviets, who quickly proceeded to test it. Afterwards, it was largely ignored.

Zimmerit in German Use

Probably one of the more unusual elements of German tanks of WW2 is Zimmerit. This material is as interesting as it is complicated.