Ford 3-ton Special Tractor M1918 (Ford 3-ton)

The M1918 was a bid to create a very small tank that could also double as an artillery tractor. While a few were built, it was a failure.

Projekt P.1000

Continuing his projects from the USSR, Grote proposed a 1000 tonne superheavy tank to Nazi Germany, but the project logically went nowhere.

Infantry Tank A.11 Matilda

The Matilda was the first British infantry tank. It saw action only in France, where most were lost during the German invasion.

Ford 3-man Light Tank

Ford took one highly successful, well designed, mechanically simple tank already in mass production and tried to improve on it with a total redesign.

Jacquet Assault Train

Jacquet submitted an odd articulated tank as a patent in 1944, proposing a means of improving the mobility of armored vehicles.

Grote’s 1,000 tonne Festungs Panzer ‘Fortress Tank’

While working in the USSR, Grote proposed a fortress tank weighing 1000 tons and armed with battleship caliber guns.

1982 Argentinian Invasion of the Falkland Islands

In 1982, the Argentinians invaded the British-held Falkland islands, counting on a meek or nonexistent British response.

Tracklayer Best 75

The Tracklayer Best 75 was another attempt by the Best company to capitalize on the appearance of the tank by building a mock-up on a tractor.

VK45.02(H) ‘Tiger II’ Henschel Improved Tiger

The VK45.02(H) was the evolutionary step between the Tiger I and Tiger II, explaining the radical changes between the two.

Pomilio Monocycle Tank

The Italian Carlo Pomilio proposed in 1917 a giant single-wheeled landship to crush its enemies and the obstacles before it.