Type 62 in Malian Service

The Chinese Type 62 light tank is one of the most mysterious armored vehicles in the inventory of Mali, having been barely reported on

T-54B in Malian Service

The T-54B is the heaviest combat vehicle in the inventory of Mali, and has an interesting history despite there not being any recorded combat

AMR 33 / Renault VM

The AMR 33 is a French tracked reconnaissance vehicle from the Second World War, and one of the fastest tracked AFVs of its time

M2009 Chunma-D

The M2009 Chunma-D is a North Korean armored personnel carrier based on the hull of the earlier M1981 light tank.

Fiat 6616 in Somaliland Service

Somaliland broke away from Somalia in 1991. Among their armor were some Fiat 6616 armored cars of Italian origin which Somalia had acquired in the late 1970s.

107 mm MRL on Sungri-61NA

Perhaps the most common light mobile MLRS in service in the Korean People’s Army is the 107 mm Type 63 mounted on the Sungri-61NA truck.

Canon de 25mm SA modèle 1934 M.39

The SA 34 M.39 antitank gun was an improved version of the French 25mm AT gun. Production guns were to be delivered starting in June 1940

323 Fire Support Vehicle with 76mm F-22

One of the least known and likely the puniest and most obsolete of the North Korean artilleries is a 76 mm self-propelled gun based on the chassis of the 323 armored personnel carrier.

BMP-1 with Kliver TKB-799 Turret

The Kliver TKB-799 turret was designed by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau based in Tula. This BMP-1 fitted with a modern turret was offered in the late 1990s, but would never be adopted by any user.


The BMP-1-30 was a BMP-1 upgrade prototype dated 1997 created mating the old BMP-1 hull with a B-30 turret from the BMD-2.