Matilda II in Australian Service

The Matilda Infantry Tank saw service with the Australians during the fighting in the Pacific, being largely appreciated in the difficult jungle combat.

Matilda Frog and ‘Murray FT’ Flame Tank

In 1944-45, the British Matilda II, conceived before the war for trench warfare, became a famous flamethrower tank for the Australian units in the Pacific.

Matilda Dozer

The rigors of jungle combat led to the idea of fitting Dozer blades to the Matilda tanks. The conversion proved unsatisfactory and the blades were removed.

AC IV 17-pdr Armed Sentinel Cruiser Tank

The Australian Sentinel program led to the AC IV, the best armed version of the local built Cruiser. However, only a prototype was built before cancellation.

AC III Thunderbolt Cruiser Tank

The Australian Sentinel AC III was meant as a stopgap measure until a 17 pounder gun could be mounted. It featured a short 25 pounder gun.

AC II Cruiser Tank

The Australian Sentinel AC II was an alternative proposal with local built components. It never went past the drawing board.

AC I Sentinel Cruiser Tank

The Sentinel was the only homemade Australian tank of World War Two. Despite its qualities, production was interrupted in 1943 and never saw combat.