Panzerkampfwagen Panther With 8.8 cm Gun Design Proposals

While the gun of the Pz.Kpfw.V Panther was formidable, it was felt that it lacked enough future-proofing. Thus, it was attempted to fit an 8.8 cm.

Panzerkampfwagen Panther Ausf.F (Sd.Kfz.171)

German Reich (1945) Medium Tank – Small Number of Unfinished Hulls and Turrets. At Least One F/G Hybrid. As early as 1943, the Germans sought to design a new turret for the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther (Sd.Kfz.171). The Rheinmetall-designed turret that the Panther was equipped with was considered to be an inefficient design with various flaws. …

TAA – Tun Antitanc Autopropulsat

The TAA was a Romanian tank destroyer project based on the MLI chassis and sporting a 125mm gun. It did not get past the design stage.

Obuzierul autopropulsat românesc, Model 1989

The Obuzierul Autopropulsat Românesc, Model 1989 is a Romanian self-propelled howitzer based on both the MLI-84 and 2S1 Gvozdika.

MLI-84M Mortar Variant

Mortar carrier based on the Romanian MLI-84M infantry fighting vehicle. The conversion was planned in 2015 but never carried out.

Vânătorul de Care R35

The Vânătorul de Care R35 tank hunter was developed from captured Renault R-35s which had their turrets modified to carry a higher velocity Soviet 45mm gun.


In 1942, a Romanian Commission proposed the modification of captured T-26s and their incorporation into the Army.


Soviet Union (1942) Light Tank – 1 Prototype Built Introduction Excellent frontal view of the T-45 – Credit: The T-45 was a Soviet WWII light tank project, meant as a stop-gap measure until the T-70 could enter production. It was based on the lesser T-60, but with a new gun, turret and engine. While …

Marvin Heemeyer’s Armored Bulldozer

An experienced welder, Marvin Heemeyer armored and armed one of his bulldozers and went on a rampage through the town of Granby, Colorado.

BMPT Terminator

This Russian IFV was in development since the late 1980s, but only came to fruition after the Chechen War.