Object 217, PPG

The Object 217 was born out of the experiences of the Winter War, but arrived too late to see action in that conflict.

Solothurn S 18-1000

Switzerland (1939) Anti-Tank Rifle – Around 1,000 Produced The Solothurn S 18-1000 was a Swiss-built 20 mm Anti-Tank rifle which was an upgraded version of the earlier S 18-100. It saw service in both the Axis and Allied forces and was deployed in many theatres of operations through the war. Despite its weight and size, …

Rifle, Anti-Tank, .55in, Boys "Boys Anti-Tank Rifle"

Part of Britain's inerwar development programme, the Boys was the infantryman's defence against the armoured meance that would become key in the next war.

Vickers Mark E Type B in Finnish Service

During the early 30s the Finnish Military decided it needed to modernise its tank force of aging Renault FTs. It was decided to order a few British Vickers 6 tons to replace them, and these light tanks were armed locally before entering service.

3.7cm Tankabwehrkanone Rheinmetall

German Empire (1918) Anti-Tank Gun – 600 produced On the morning of the 15th of September 1916, after the standard devastation of an artillery bombardment had lifted, mixed in with the whistles and shouts of the infantry, a new sound could be heard coming from the British lines. Roars of mechanical engines and the clacking …

Mauser Tankgewehr M1918

German Empire (1918) Anti-Tank Rifle – About 16,000 Produced In September 1916, the British unveiled their new weapon to the world – The Tank – which, while slow and mechanically unreliable, sent shockwaves through the ranks of the German military. The first solution saw the Spitzgeschoss mit Kern, more commonly called the K Bullet, being …

7.5 cm PaK 40

The PaK 40 is one of the most famous German Anti-Tank guns of the Second World War. They were used by numerous armies, and were also mounted on Tanks.

37mm Bofors Anti-Tank Gun

The Bofors 37mm is the potent anti-gun that dominated the mid-30s