Bison Mobile Pillbox

The Bisons were a set of heterogeneous concrete-armored mobile pillboxes based on obsolete trucks used for teritorial defense


In 1939, the IJA won a battle against enemy tanks without a single one of their own. At the heart of this was a small bottle of soft drink.

Morris-Martel Tankettes

Martel was one of the most important men in early British tank development and the creator of three Morris-Martel Tankettes during the interwar

Tank, Medium Gun, FV221 Caernarvon

The FV221 Caernarvon was an interim tank mating the FV200 chassis with the 20-pounder gun-armed turret of a Mk. 3 Centurion.

Guy Light Tank (Wheeled)

United Kingdom (1939) Armored Car – 101 Built In 1937, the British Army had just completed re-equipping its reconnaissance formations with a new armored car, the Morris CS9. However, the CS9 had one critical flaw: it only had two-wheel drive. The War Office was well aware of the superiority of a four-wheel drive armored car, …

Johnsons Light Tropical Tank

The 'Light Tropical Tank' was a 1922 design by British Army Colonel, Philip Johnson. The tank was designed to operate in Tropical conditions.


The Mitsu 104 is a Japanese pre-war heavy tank. It appears in a number of intelligence reports, but no photos exist. It is unknown if it was even built.

Vickers No. 1 & No. 2 Tanks

The Vickers Number 1 and 2 were tank prototypes designed and built in the early 1920s. They followed the classic romboid design of WW1.

Vickers Medium Mk.I & Mk.II

The Vickers Medium Mk.I and Mk.II were the main British tanks of the twenties. They were the first tanks in the world to have a 3 man turret.

Projet Tigre (Fake Tank)

The projet Tigre was an allegeded French use of many interwar Renault UE in very large numbers into a rocket-launching vehicle, inspired by ww2 German conversions such as the Wurfrahmen