Bison Mobile Pillbox

The Bisons were a set of heterogeneous concrete-armored mobile pillboxes based on obsolete trucks used for territorial defense.


In 1939, the IJA won a battle against enemy tanks without a single one of their own. At the heart of this was a small bottle of soft drink.

Morris-Martel Tankettes

Martel was one of the most important men in early British tank development and the creator of three tankettes during the interwar.

Tank, Medium Gun, FV221 Caernarvon

The FV221 Caernarvon was an interim tank mating the FV214 chassis with the 20-pounder gun-armed turret of a Centurion Mk.3.

Guy Light Tank (Wheeled)

United Kingdom (1939) Armored Car – 101 Built In 1937, the British Army had just completed re-equipping its reconnaissance formations with a new armored car, the Morris CS9. However, the CS9 had one critical flaw: it only had two-wheel drive. The War Office was well aware of the superiority of a four-wheel drive armored car, …

Johnsons Light Tropical Tank

The 'Light Tropical Tank' was a 1922 design by British Army Colonel Philip Johnson. The tank was designed to operate in tropical conditions.


The Mitsu 104 is a Japanese pre-war heavy tank. It appears in a number of intelligence reports, but no photos exist. It is unknown if it was even built.

Vickers No. 1 & No. 2 Tanks

The Vickers Number 1 and 2 were tank prototypes designed and built in the early 1920s. They followed the classic romboid design of WW1.

Vickers Medium Mk.I & Mk.II

The Vickers Medium Mk.I and Mk.II were the main British tanks of the twenties. They were the first tanks in the world to have a 3-man turret.

Projet Tigre (Fake Tank)

Joke article inspired by the Battletank from Terrahawks. Also covered are German rocket-armed conversions of the Renault UE.