Pre-war Soviet BOT Tanks

As they became obsolete and unrepairable, the Soviets started digging in old tanks to act as defensive pillboxes


The SMK was a competitor to become the next heavy tank of the USSR, replacing the equally gargantuan T-35A. It lost to the smaller and better KV-1.

The Soviet Counter-Attack at Verba

The Battle for Verba was one of the earliest Soviet engagement of World War Two, with the Soviets attempting to halt the German advance in Ukraine.

T-35 Prototypes

The impressive T-35 multi-turreted heavy tank was first developed as a prototype, abundantly shocased in parades and captuturing imagination of the Soviet people and international presse alike as one of the great achievements of the regime.

T-35A Heavy Tank

The Soviet T-35A tank was the only 5 turreted heavy tank to enter production, with 61 vehicles being manufactured

The Soviet 21st Tank Brigade’s Assault On Kalinin

In October 17-22, 1941, the 21st Tank Brigade counter-assaulted Kalinin and drove back German Forces in one remarkable highpoint of the Great Patriotic War

Izhorsk Improvised Armored Vehicles

Born out of desperation in 1941, these improvized tank hunters were based on the ZIS Trucks at Izhorskiye Zavod, fitted with a 45 mm AT gun.


The SU-26 was a Soviet self-propelled gun that was built in the besieged Leningrad city. Only 14 were built based on damaged T-26s

T-26 Chemical Tanks

The Soviet Union had the largest fleet of flamethrowing tanks in the world. Most were based on the ubiquitous T-26 chassis and called chemical tanks.

T-34 with ZiS-4 57mm

Only a few T-34s were built as Exterminators, with a 57 mm gun mounted. They fought during the Battle of Moscow.