Bosvark SPAAG

The Bosvark self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG) evolved to adapt to the harsh Southern African environment.

Ystervark SPAAG

The Ystervark was developed to fit the requirement for a self-propelled mine-protected vehicle to provide a light anti-aircraft capability.

Mamba Mk2 and 3

The Mamba is one of several South African MPVs that have inspired the modern enclosed V-shaped MRAP vehicles used by Western armies today.

Buffel APC/MPV

The Buffel was the first armored personal carrier and mine-protected vehicle in service with South Africa, proving itself well in combat.

Eland Armoured Car

The Eland was the South African name for the French Panhard AML armored car. It served in the SADF from 1962 to the early 1990s.

Tank Technology Demonstrator (TTD)

The Tank Technology Demonstrator (TTD) was a South African project to develop a new Main Battle Tank. It never entered service.

Bateleur FV2

The Bateleur is a wheeled Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) designed in 1989 and employed by the South African Military.

Olifant Mk2 Main Battle Tank

The design, development, and production of the Olifant Mk2 was undertaken to correct the shortcomings of the Olifant Mk1B.


The Badger is the first new ICV in the SADF inventory since the Ratel. It is based on the Finnish Patria but with 70% locally-produced parts.


Rooikat development started in the 1980s to replace the Ferret armored car used by South Africa against Angola.