MB-3 Tamoyo 3

The Tamoyo 3 was the apex of the Tamoyo program, sporting a 105 mm L7, composite armor, a fire control system, and a 736 hp diesel engine.

Imdicol Zipa

The potential effects of Engesa’s bankruptcy resulted in the development of Colombia’s first locally-designed armored vehicle, the Zipa.

MB-3 Tamoyo 2

The Tamoyo 2 was a further development by Bernardini of the Tomoyo 1 medium tank, using more modern components rather than M41 parts.

MB-3 Tamoyo 1

The Tamoyo 1 was Brazil's medium tank developed by Bernardini with the intention to replace their aging fleet in the 1980s and 1990s.

CCL X1 with 60 HVMS

The CCL X1 with 60 mm HVMS was a brief project to upgrade Ecuadorian M3A1 Stuarts to X1 standard, but with 60 mm HVMS guns.

CCL X1A1 Carcará

The X1A1 was further development of the X1. Brazil attempted to fix the problems of the X1, but ended up creating more problems instead.

CRM and EE-9 M2 37 mm

The very first Cascavel to be designed was armed with a 37 mm. It was the vehicle that would be the foundation of the legendary EE-9.

VBTP–MR Guarani

The VBTP–MR Guarani is Brazil's wheeled APC for the replacement of the EE-11 Urutu. A total of 1,580 vehicles are planned to be built.

T17 Deerhound in Brazilian Service

The first 6x6 armored car of the Brazilian Armed Forces. It would meet the same fate as the T17 in the United States, overshadowed by the M8.

Tanks in Fullmetal Alchemist

Tanks have made their appearance in the adaptations of Fullmetal Alchemist. This article analyses all the tanks from the Animes and Manga.